Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Fuel scarcity

There's hardly any petrol left in Abuja. The situation has been deteriorating for the past couple of weeks. Long queues build up to the remaining garages that are selling. Someone might be able to provide an explanation of why one of the major oil-producing nations has fuel shortages in its capital, but whatever they say, it ultimately will make no sense. Still, if the apocalypse ever comes, Nigerians will not panic, like the well-tended beings in the West. They are used to crises and shortages coming and going from nowhere.


April 10:12 pm  

Apparently there's no fuel in Lagos either! I'm also confused at the fact that there are petrol shortages in Nigeria. I blame the 'manage' culture for the fact that the average Nigerian tends to accept and adjust to whatever is thrown at him/her by those in authority, crises and fuel shortages included.

houstonmacbro 1:57 am  

we can't go a day without power here in the states. would drive some of us madd.

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