Monday, December 18, 2006

A case of bad luck?

So Jonathan Goodluck surprises everyone as the VP running mate (see also here). Given that his wife is being investigated for money laundering, and given the parlous state of Bayelsa state (all swamp and dilapidation), it does not Look Good. The long-hoped for technocratic secondary role has not been filled. It is difficult to optimistic about ongoing reform given this arrangement.

That said, I've always believed that countries get the 'leaders' they deserve. No one complains in Nigeria, and everyone is quick to jump into a collective self-delusion mentality when the money and the owambes start to flow. At Lagos airport, a sign says Welcome to Nigeria, the happiest country on earth (or similar). It should really say, Welcome to Nigeria, the most self-delusive country on earth.

A testimony to the culture of non-complaint. The new airline (owned by exactly who?) Arik Air already has a reputation for being hideously late on all its flights. The plane to take me back to Abuja last week was 1 1/2 hours late before it arrived. When finally we all had boarded, the pilot apologised for the delay, which was 'due to problems with the new security screening arrangement at the airport.' What a load of horse shit. The new security arrangement at Calabar airport added another 10-15 mins of delay to the 1 1/2 hours that was Arik Air's responsibility. I complained to the air stewards about this disengenuous 'apology' - no one else did. Everyone just sat there, a picture of bovine docility. If you don't complain, you get all the Bad Luck you deserve..


Anonymous,  10:01 am  

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This is more than madness...

Anonymous,  3:25 pm  

SAD...but true

Anonymous,  5:32 pm  

"Bovine docility", aye, what? Have you seen cows get pissed? I have, it's not a pretty sight. So, if even cows get ticked off, what does that say for Nigerians?

Uche,  5:41 pm  

'I've always believed that countries get the 'leaders' they deserve. No one complains in Nigeria, and everyone is quick to jump into a collective self-delusion mentality when the money and the owambes start to flow'

No one complains in Nigeria because there's absolutely NO ONE to listen or even to do something about it. Its a situation that has been going on for EONS now, so the people are now used to it, hence the term "Suffering and Smilling".
I sincerely hoped for change in this coming elections, i hoped that at Donald Duke had a tiny drop in a bucket of chance, to turn things around in the country given his impressive records, but as every one knows, Nigerian politics is nothing but who knows who, and who owes allegiance to who, hence the rich gets richer and poor keeps dwindling to downright nottingness (if thats a word).

I just read ur two posts for today and i can see the disdain and disgust in your voice. And when you complained about the Arik Air incident, did you get a satisfactory response from the stewardess??? I'm guessing most likely not...and trust me that complaint didn't go any further than where it was made! Its the Naija way, and i'm wondering when it will end.

Anonymous,  5:46 pm  

Jeremy, you and I know that Good Luck, Bad Luck, no Luck whatever, once the coronation takes place all sorts of "cultural groups" will be beating a path to Abuja to testify to the greatness of these two.

You are too right. We are a diseased nation. Where is the Labour party to protest, where are the Student unions flying the flags of injustice, where is the Supreme Court, where are the Police, where are the International observers, where is my sanity, where is the hope of a better Nigeria for my children?

I wonder how long before we hear from Tafa and Alams that the good times are here again.

Anonymous,  9:23 pm  

Your post captures my thought. Just because they want to pacify Ijaws does not mean we should be saddled with another crook. If the EFCC digs deep enough they would find that Goodluck Jonathan is in complicity in the money laundering charges against his wife.

"Crooks, them all be thif!!!" according to Abami Eda, Fela

Anonymous,  10:42 pm  

I totally agree with you. We as a nation lacks 'that class or social groups' that speaks against opaque governments and systems.

Suffering is ingrained in the DNA of average Nigerian and that is why we keep accepting loads of bollocks form our leaders!

The day we learn to SPEAK UP, that day will be the day the country starts moving. But until then my country people, let us wallow in self-pity and nothingness. And we better enjoy it while we are at it!

Anonymous,  6:11 pm  

I know it seems like people don't complain in Naija, but seriously I think people gave up on complaining a long time ago, the more u complain, the more no one listens...and the more authorities fool themselves. Like I've always said, we shd keep praying in our closets for Nigeria, and one day a miracle will happen. But I don't think a change will come by complaining...

Anonymous,  4:31 pm  

Power is never given, it is taken

Respect is never given it is earned.

Nigerians are a selfish people with minimal standards. They wil endure all manner of suffering and humilation as long as 'They can get their bread done' at the end. Why else do you think they walk across the desert to get to Europe rather than try and fix the problems at home in their country. This is why their leaders treat them with the contempt they deserve.

Raskimono,  4:40 pm  

As most people have said, you will only complain for a 2nd or 3rd time if the 1st time you complained, someone did something.
We are used to not getting a response. that said, it does not mean we should sit and take all the SHIT thrown our way. But on the other other hand, who gets elected???........ the same crooks who dont even know what it is to complain, and like u said, once the owambes start to flow, all is forgotten.
All in all, like ive said many a times...Nigerians (worldwide) need to be exterminated...myself start a new country cos even the young'uns are starting to show signs of such disdainful behaviour.

Anonymous,  1:48 am  

Nigeria is a crooked nation whose path cannot be made straight; all her youths have become nothing but crooks – hence no redemption in sight.

Anonymous,  12:08 pm  


Perhaps it is time to stop complaining and do something about it.

I had a very illuminating discussion with Pat Utomi last weekend. For those of who do not know him, he too is running for President, and is perhaps the only credible and worthwhile candidate in the race. Unfortunately he has close to zero chance of getting elected.

And that is a challenge to all of us.... have we all given up already...?

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