Sunday, December 30, 2007

And the silence ends..

I'm back in bandwidth at an hotel in Bombay. I've been on a vipassana silent meditation retreat a few hours away. It was deep, intense, difficult but I think in time transformative. I'll write about it in detail later. But after 10 days of 4am wake-ups and up to 10 hours of meditation per day, I need to rest.

How disturbing to come back to the world after no news to hear about Benazir Bhutto, and how saddening to read that Ribadu seems to have been sidelined (what's the story apart from the obvious?) and that Yardy has accepted Africom. All quite depressing just before the year end...


nneoma 9:28 am  

You're tagged!!!! Check out my blog for details.

hawodi,  5:50 pm  

Its really disheartening. It is the personal belief and passion of Ribadu that the EFCC is what it is. Removing him, may make the EFCC a very toothless bulldog. May God save Nigeria from the corrupt hawks who are about taking over this government.

CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS 3:07 am  

I had not heard about Yara-on-the-d-machine and Africom...
got to get on google and find out more

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