Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Hyena men

Photos of men in Nigeria with their hyenas/snakes/baboons. Thanks Teju Cole for the link.


Waffarian 9:35 pm  

I feel sorry for them....the animals and the is hard.

Anonymous,  10:13 pm  

WTF??? Nigeria needs RSPCA NOW

Sandrine 10:15 pm  

Hi Jeremy,

These pictures are amazing and surreal and bring a lot of raw emotions.It is really telling about our society, how fast the first picture was misinterpreted.Everything can become distorted.
Also if they are from the family, I wonder why there is no mother or female relative traveling with them.


nneoma 1:10 am  


guerreiranigeriana 1:44 am  

what is the fixation with those animals? there an article i can read?...

Sandrine 2:41 pm  

Amazing and surreal pictures that bring strong emotions.The way the first one was misinterpreted is very telling about how information can easily be distorted.I would like to know why there is no mother of the little girl or female relative traveling with them.

anonymaus,  12:28 am  

The whole thing wreaks of decay, the environment, humanity, even the unfortunate animals - it looks like something from a post - nucleur situation, everything in those pictures appears to be in melt-down.

Iyaeto 1:04 am  

Oh. I remember these. They were very popular about 20 years ago. Very scary though

Sean Jacobs 3:58 am  

Are these the pictures from Pieter Hugo's portfolio?

Sean Jacobs 3:59 am  

Oh, I just saw it is!

Anonymous,  5:53 pm  

Where did they get the animals from?
*ASIDE*, why did everything look like it was falling apart, the builidngs uncompleted, cars practically rusting........nawa o

Anonymous,  2:08 am  

J, i wish you'd actually posted Pieter Hugos essay. The pictures are SHOCKING but the essay tells the complete story.. i was in turns horrified and hysterically laughing ( the ambush of the taxi driver)..but all in all, i found this incredibly disturbing...

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