Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The man who wasn't there

A fascinating story is brewing in the UK press: John Darwin, missing presumed dead in the North-East after a canoeing trip, turns up 5 years later at a London police station, apparently with no memory of where he has been. Meanwhile, his wife recently moved to Panama in a hurry.

Its hard to avoid the temptation to connect the sudden exit of the wife with the sudden appearance of the husband. Was an insurance policy involved? Or was it a genuine case of amnesia, like the story of the highly talented pianist who had no idea who he was who turned up in the UK a couple of years ago?

We might have turn to my number one favourite film - Paris, Texas - for some clues.


Anonymous,  1:02 pm  

bummer if the insurance company's paid out...

Anonymous,  2:32 pm  

I think there is a picture of John Darwin and his wife in Panama last year. At least thats what ITV news has just shown so it looks like it was quite clearly a fraud.

Anonymous,  2:15 am  

The annoying thing about the canoe wife as she's been dubbed by Fleet Street, is that this is SO 'Monday Nite Film of the Week'.. I mean, dont these people watch TV? (actually it looks like they Do watch TV). This is not even worthy of CSI (which uses DNA and science) its flat out Kojak and Colombo..everyday sleuthing. Sherlock Holmes woulda figured this one out..nay, even Nancy Drew

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