Monday, December 03, 2007

Lagos: a city without trees

Lagost State govt is chopping the trees down on Bourdillon. As one of the most expensive, upmarket parts of Lagos (even though the roads are in poor condition), it is the trees of Ikoyi which lend some faded sense of serenity to the neighbourhood.

There is a protest against the felling: 7pm this Friday opposite Abebe Court on Bourdillon. Lagos celebs such as Lagbaja, Ty Bello, the Desert Crew etc. will be there.

I imagine the trees are being cut down as part of the road widening going on in various parts of Ikoyi at the moment. The question is, what is Lagos State govt doing to make Lagos - a city without trees - into a greener city? In most parts of Lagos, there is no respite from the noise and the hustle - which must contribute dramatically to the stress and ill-health of Lagosians.

It would be good therefore if the protest against felling the trees on Bourdillon could be widened into a more systematic campaign for a greener Lagos.


Africanloft 6:52 pm  

This is pathetic! I support this 100%

guerreiranigeriana 1:50 am  

we need a more systematic campaign for a greener nigeria in general...unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any emphasis on the environment in nigeria...

Iyaeto 1:09 am  

Bola Tinubu lives there (Bourdillon I mean) He probably doesn't like the trees so he commandes his "boy" Fashola to get them cut off

anonymaus,  3:24 pm  

Responsible countries are mobilising and sensitising their populations about the need to preserve the environment for future generations. What does the Federal Government of Nigeria do ... next to nothing. What do the authorities in Lagos do, even worse remove the few remaining trees left, shows you how much people there think about the future, or display any foresight, pity. Maybe they may wake up before it's too late (don't hold your breath waiting though).

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