Sunday, December 09, 2007

Another agent-provocatrice from a strange recess of my brain. Click to enlarge and feel free to pass on.


Anonymous,  9:55 pm  

LOL. You're crazy Jeremy.


Moni 7:50 pm  

Definitely designed by a writer ;)

Good idea, clever :) I think this poster has a twin that targets the ogas.

Btw, have you seen Maria Full of Grace (MarĂ­a llena eres de gracia) by Joshua Marston

Sandrine 6:03 pm  


I saw "Maria full of grace".It's a good movie but it was really depressing to see the hardship she was going through.
Spoiler, don't read if you have not seen the movie.

The scene in the plane's bathroom and in the hotel room, when they have to leave their friend that overdosed were heartbreaking in y opinion.
PS: I do not condone what they were doing but that didn't prevent me to feel for them

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