Monday, December 10, 2007

The Shere hills in Jos

The Shere hills is a stunningly beautiful area near Jos. The first word I would use to describe it is biblical. However, images like the one to the left bring other words to mind - many of which are the Saxon side of 'fertile'. For more pics of the area, click here (one fabulous idea is to stay at Les Rosiers and be taken on an eco tour round the area and stay at Thomas and Anna's Les Rosiers guest house).

Here's one expats recent recommendation:

Just wanted to let you know that Anna Fehlmann has started taking
guests at her delightful home, set in the middle of beautiful
countryside, just outside Jos. We stayed last weekend and her
gardens and home make for a wonderfully relaxing setting - and she's
a great host. Well worth a visit if you want to escape from Abuja
for a weekend, or are going up to Jos to visit/work.

The food is also incredible, as all the meat comes from the Felak
meat shop - prepared by her swiss butcher husband, Walther. So you
get great sausages, properly hung beef, smoked ham as well as home
made jams and specialty cheeses. They do great lunches and dinners
from their bush bar.

For anyone (like us) who's been craving good sausages, you don't
have to go all the way to Jos - they also deliver to Abuja every two
weeks. And they have just slaughtered some turkeys which they are
delivering this week, if anyone is preparing for christmas.

They don't have a web-site, but you can see some pictures of the
guesthouse on Thomas' website at

You can contact Anna for reservations, or to get a price list for
the meat on [email protected] or 08058737523 and 08037044482. The
room rate is actually very cheap - so go before she puts the prices
up! We can't recommend it enough.


wienna,  10:16 pm  

On a first look at it, i thought it was a male organ. lol

Anonymous,  10:18 pm  

i've been to shere, trekked all over the place but i never saw that!

CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS 2:59 pm  

I saw a picture of someone standing in front of a rock that looked like that and a naughty caption. I thought it was the effect of photoshop. Is it?

Iyaeto 10:09 pm  

yep it sure looks like a guy's "kini"

Anonymous,  12:37 am  

Jeremy, that picture, together with this post and it's mention of sausages is too suggestive o!! :)

Phallic art, by Mother Nature.

Atutupoyoyo 2:17 pm  

Well the resemblance to a giant cock is uncanny. I love the expat's very subtle innuendo - great sausages and properly hung beef indeed.

rr,  8:38 pm  

"well-hung beef" isn't it? sure that's not beefcake?

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