Friday, July 14, 2006


I recently bought a Macbook - Apple's new range of laptops. I've never used Mac's before to any extent, but its had a transformative effect on my relationship to computer interfaces. The Mac interface is such a delight to use that going back to PCs is a bit like strolling around a municipal council office in Dudley on a wet Wednesday (pardon non-uk people who don't get the reference), after you've spent a weekend at an hotel designed by Rem Koolhass. There's no going back.


the flying monkeys 1:32 pm  

i couldn't agree more...Macs are, by far, superior to any PC...

culturalmiscellany 5:27 pm  

Did you see Koolhass' latest creation in Hyde Park?

Akin 4:25 pm  

Macs? Don't you just wear those in the rain? Especially if you are strolling around a municipal council office in Dudley that has a leaking roof?

When we had a more practical business and technical test of PCs and Macs in the late 80s for high-volume legal publishing as the Nigerian Supreme Court Cases in 40 volumes - Macs looked good for leaflets, newspapers and magazine, PCs came up trumps for quality, consistency and manageability.

I have not looked back since.

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