Friday, July 28, 2006


A man running for office is tied up like a Ramadam goat and slaughtered in his Ikoyi bedroom. All the phone networks are on the blink. My malaria drags on. Its almost impossible to get bandwidth - Meridien have gone from free to 1800naira per hour, the Sheraton wifi is down. At least I've found a new internet cafe which is half decent.. All this disrupts my blogging.


ayoke 11:16 pm  

This internet connection trouble of yours. I was in Abuja some weeks back and the connection in my office wasn't bad. It was generally OK. Seriously. Try "Direct on PC".

Jeremy 4:37 pm  

there is no reliable isp at present in Abuja (unlike Lagos)... the market is ripe for a company to move in and offer a decent service. The only way Ayoke can have the benefit of untroubled bandwidth in Abuja is via VSAT - which costs around US$1000 per month for a fake dedicated pipe..

ayoke 8:52 pm  

Jeremy, I don't believe "Direct on PC" charges US$1000 per month and I will confirm that much. And you may be wrong about that thing about "fake dedicated pipe", though I can't vouch for all ISPs. I had gone to Abuja expecting terrible internet connection because of your frequent complaints. I was really surprised that it was not the case for the two weeks I was there.

abuja with love,  7:38 am  

well I live in Abuja and internet connection is absmal to say the least. The only place you can get decent internet service are in well equipped, corporate offices who can afford to shell out a load of cash. If you are small company or an NGO or a private individual forget. It comes and go. This is why for the last 3 months, cool cafe will tell you that trade has never been so good - charging N350 per hour. We have a VSAT broadband in our office supplied by slick Suburban and guess what we spend more time on the phone trying to find out about our dedicated bandwidth. So Ayoke, 2 weeks of internet access i abuja does not make the problem any less, for many of us it is a reality. And for those of us working for government in one capacity or the other, access is nil.

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