Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The day is not going well..

Bibi has malaria, I have malaria. The symptoms: a sick feeling in the stomach, a headache, fatigue and a bitter taste in the mouth. Damn.

I ran out of MTN credit on my phone so bought a new scratchcard this morning. For the nth time, I managed to scratch the numbers off the card as well as the silver covering..as well as dirty my thumbnail in the process.

My MacBook Entourage email client has crashed. So I am using webmail, which is like walking in treacle..

The Meridien hotel has stopped offering free wireless in the lobby. However, they have yet to inform the staff of the change. So no one was around this morning to tell me how much to pay, how to pay it etc. Typical Nigerian dysfunctionality and lack of process or planning. So there's only the Sheraton left for free bandwidth in town. There's no internet access at home or at the office, our phone works every now and again at home and is dead at the office.

What will not kill me will only make me stronger..


culturalmiscellany 1:58 pm  

Amen. Hang in there J. It'll all come well in the end. Bibi and your Cassava literary tour will be a success and that will counter all the other cr*p.

St Antonym 3:17 pm  

What will not kill you could maim you for life. That's always been my motto.

Wishing you peace of mind, J. And, forgetting all the other annoyances, wishing both you and Dr B healing from the malaria.

I know a good church...

Lola,  4:30 pm  

Wrong. What will not kill you physically, will eventually kill your spirit. Beware... there is only so much you can take. Check your pillows...

Anonymous,  4:41 pm  

Yet another wingefest. Nigeria is hell to live in. Accept it and move on.

Akin 4:46 pm  

What a scourge this malaria thing has become.

I am sorry, I wish you both a speedy recovery.

I would suppose you need to check you house protection and netting against mosquitoes, you seem to get bitten too easily, I would think.

You guys don't seem to get much respite after each bout, which is really rotten.

I feel your pain on your connectivity problems, just my blog was not available for a few hours due to an unscheduled maintenance and I was already half-way up the wall.

Pèlé, é má fara sílè o. Àlááfíà ara á ma jé ti yín o.

TaureanMinx 4:54 pm  

Some people really have issues lol.

Anyways just got over a really bad case of malaria and feel great now, so just give it a few days! Feel better..

pelegius_the_heretic 6:15 pm  

Dr Weate, Jeremy, I am sorry to hear about your malaria, get better soon.

the flying monkeys 8:07 pm  

hope you get better soon...

btw: watch Omo Obokun video (Ayetoro, Live in lagos, 2004)

i very hope it helps

the flying monkeys 8:54 pm  

furthermore, on the comment made by our good friend, st. antonym, on the subject of a good church:

would some churches back home include (within its marketing strategy) malaria as an element

hence a church that can help, or a church that can bury one killed by a mosquito...

here is wishing you a speedy recovery

uknaija 11:32 am  

Hope you're both feeling better soon

Jeremy 12:23 pm  

Dapo - its done already. I received an email from an evangelical friend just now:

"Please don't have malaria please i beg of you, tell that malaria that your body is not his but God own and yours, so he should leave your body before you release your weapon of war against him.
Take charged of your body from him just as i did for the past three days i've being down but i took charged at the appointed time from him. So you should do the same."

While this is complete gobbledygook, I appreciate the sentiment. I can't explain how Bibi and I get malaria - we have bednets, the windows all have double layers of mesh covering etc.

kemi,  7:52 pm  

It could very well be your veganism, you know.

By and large, the rest of the population feeds on meat and meat products. Mosquitoes don't just bite people, they bite cows and goats too. While these animals don't develop malaria, their bodies probably harbour benign forms of the parasite, which build up the immunity in humans as they are passed up the food chain.

How's that for a theory?


the flying monkeys 8:09 pm  


Let me guess, your evangelical friend may be an African? Yes? Religion on Malaria? ... We can never keep those two straight, however, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but nice sentiment considering the fact that there is no cure for malaria.

Sometimes, I wish it were similar to chicken pox, in which case, you cannot have a 2nd or 3rd episode.

Unfortunately, it appears this may be similar to other infections that chose to remain dormant in the body and can re-appear at any time. I do not know how true my theory is.

It could even be in the water...

JUJU,  4:06 pm  

Interesting theory Kemi. But another you may have not considered: JUJU.
There I said it. Like I said earlier, check your pillows....

Anonymous,  4:11 pm  

I've heard the juju in the pillow story before, usually planted there by disgruntled staff, jealous family member etc...
I always thought it was urban myth, though a friend of a friend told me he was at death's door with malaria as a child, once he complained about his lumpy pillow, it was removed and opened, and there it was, all manner of nasty dead stuff, supposedly cursed and put there by evil stepmother... He miraculously recovered overnight.

Anonymous,  6:26 am  

Whatever makes us strong is all good....evangeliscism, juju, veganism, blogging...etc

Get well soon, Jeremy!


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