Monday, July 24, 2006

Diana Evans tours Nigeria

Click here for details of Diana Evans' tour of Nigeria next month.


obifromsouthlondon 4:10 pm  

£4 for a book is a noble aim. more grease to their elbows.

Anonymous,  5:13 pm  

how are you guess doing it? what are you doing differently to be charging N1000? I bought 10 copies for my old school. I encourage others to support Cassava Republic and buy books for their old schools. But tell me how come Bookworm is selling the same stuff for around N3000? whats going on here? NuMetro for N1200?

but great stuff to you lot. I am so looking forward to the publication of Teju Cole, he writes so well.

Jeremy 12:00 pm  

I have no idea why Bookworm is selling for 3000 (we knew about this by the way). But given that we have an exclusive distribution deal with the publishers in the UK, the only way Bookworm can get hold of the books is by retail purchase overseas - hence the price.

NuMetro have put their markup on the book - to be fair, they are paying a whack of money for rent etc. But we aim to show that you CAN make good books cheaply available here, if your business is low-margin high volume and you have a strong sense of social value and what people can afford..

As for Teju Cole, he's coming to a city near you soon early next year..

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