Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The lobby at the end of the world..

Here I am at the Sheraton lobby taking advantage of their wifi. There's some interesting life forms around me. Quite a few laptop consultants checking their email: Germans, Americans, Brits. A clutch of Lufthansa staff waiting for their lift to the airport, including the perhaps inevitable queen (this one has eaten too many bratwursts). Behind me, a noisy group of slavic-speaking men are getting more and more drunk and voluble. Prostitutes wander in in preparation for the night's arrangements. Elegant African women in native saunter past. Business men arrive for meetings. A man behind me talks about something happening at the Presidency this evening. Almost all of Abuja in microcosm...


Chxta 10:22 am  

Interesting to hear about a connection that I helped in setting up...

Puzzled,  4:03 pm  

Is Nigeria the end of the world?

St Antonym 6:00 pm  

Well observed. Nigeria could easily be the setting for one of those marvellous interlocking dramas (like "Short Cuts" or "Magnolia"). Class lines are well-defined, but they are not at all impermeable.

Puzzled, coolu temper. The title is a reference to a Douglas Adams book.

somborri,  1:29 am  

lol all this in sheraton? how come i never saw? maybe i wasnt looking lol

Chxta 10:34 am  

@ St. Antonym, that would be book five of the Hitchiker series... The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

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