Friday, July 14, 2006

back in the office..

I've been avoiding the office for the past few days: no phone/internet, people having picnics while gossiping about 2007: not really conducive. However, there's a little bit of bandwidth back so its time to start blogging again. Trouble is, the internet works only on one crappy spyware-laden desktop so its not a comfortable experience.

The news is that our first Cassava Republic author tour is about to start (we've been busy). More details in a second..


supermandru 11:45 am  

Was wondering what happened, welcome back ;-p

Akin 1:59 pm  

Welcome back, sometimes a break is good for the soul.

Glad to see you back.

ayoke 2:28 pm  

Welcome! 'Been concerned.

Simon Scatt 2:43 pm  

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welcomeback,  3:48 pm  

though the armed robbers had finally caught up with you!

pelegius_the_heretic 10:26 pm  

Ecce Vivet! Glad to see Nigeria has not lost one of its finest thinkers.

naijagal 4:09 am  

you dont know me but i enjoy reading your blog welcome back!

Baba Alaye,  12:04 pm  

Hey i tot the mosquitoes got you mate.
Glad yr back.

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