Friday, July 21, 2006

The moonies are coming..

My bandwidth-saviour is the Meridien hotel lobby, where the wifi is pretty quick. I noticed on the way in an hour ago that the Moonies are holding a conference here tomorrow. That sounds like a good move; there's always space for new religions here in Nigeria. Pretty soon we'll have Abiodun Moon and Chibuke Moon in our mental phone books.

It's been very tricking eeking out any time to blog the past week or so. No internet at work, none at home (the NITEL-Transcorp fiasco rumbles mysteriously on), then my EU project is finally cranking into gear after months of waiting for stuff to arrive, keeping me fully occupied, then there's our first Cassava Republic book tour. Bibi has been burning huge amounts of energy to pull it all off. I WILL post all the information on Diana Evans' tour tomorrow.


Pilgrimage to Self 9:53 pm  

I just checked out the cassava republic blog and I am most excited by it. It was strange to put a face to Teju Cole - no surprises that I was one of those captured by his blog earlier in the year. Also, I discovered that Helon Habila was Nigerian. I never knew that. I have had 26a sitting on my bookshelf for about 4 months now, I am ashamed to say, but motherhood leaves me little time to read. I just about have enough time to keep my blogs going.

Well done, and keep up the good work! I shall be paying a visit to Amazon tonight!

Pilgrimage to Self 10:02 pm  

Just looked for Teju Coles 'The Return' on Amazon but no joy. Any idea where I can lay my hands on copy?

Jeremy 4:06 pm  

The Return will be coming out in February next year. Teju Cole will be touring Nigeria to promote the book at that time. The book will also be available internationally, via Amazon etc. More details later..

Remi 1:29 am  

Bibi, Good work setting up cassava republic. I'm looking forward to Teju's new book.

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