Saturday, July 15, 2006

Elephant feet?

If like me you have big feet, you might want to check out Elephant Feet in Brixton. Run by a lovely (and enormous) guy called Emeka, Elephant Feet does stylish large sizes - all the way up to a Robert Wadlow-esque size 26. He keeps threatening to open up a Lagos branch - which would be paradise for Oedipal-beings like moi. Meanwhile, the website does a good line in mail order - and if you live in Nigeria, the guys over here in a few weeks so you can put in your order.


Akin 4:18 pm  

I have always contended that I have long feet rather than big feet (they are each exactly an imperial foot long, so are really 2 feet) and now my feet have fallen through the cracks - literally speaking.

Most shops stock shoes up to size 11/45 and a few ugly club mittens for 12/46.

Elephant feet stocks from 13 onwards - I happen to have size 12/46 - Bah!

St Antonym 9:49 pm  

Jeremy: Robert Wadlow! That reminds me of my childhood fondness for the Guinness Book of World Records. The "human achievements" section was always the first in the book, and "the world's tallest man" was always the first item in that section, so the name of Mr Wadlow became familiar to me through successive editions.

Akin: "2 feet" indeed. You have a nice wit about you.

Katharine,  11:23 pm  

I wish there was an equivalent kind of shop for women with long arms, feet etc. I can rarely get shirts or jackets long enough for my extra long arms (22" long) so have to go a size up on chest so it hangs down.

I am also fed up of going into shops saying I want a size 8 shoe and them telling me I have size 6, will that do???? Of course it blinking well won't I don't want crushed feet.

I had to endure the bra fitting thing today with my sister as we were wedding shopping, now on undergarments. I was sized some enormous size, she was sized something small neither of which they had more than 1 style in. We're not even particularly unusual builds - arrrggghhh.

If you find any specialist women's shops, big or small, through chats with people please let me know.

Akin 4:47 am  

Taking about bra sizing, I cannot help remembering shopping at Mark and Spencers sometime ago.

The queue to the till was getting quite long so another till was opened and this very friendly lady had a name tag and title that had me saying, I'll have one with underwire please.

Job title - Bra Advisor and no, I was not in the lingerie department.

Katharine,  5:45 pm  

Akin - you're funny :)

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