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BBA scandal

The reality-tv format has run of steam and is now relying on stoking up regular controversy (anyone remember Jade vs. Shilpa?) to survive. Big Brother Africa gets housemates drunk and seeing what happens, leading to the almost inevitable sexual predation. We see in microcosm how alcohol abuse fuels STD's in Africa, as with the 'after tears' funeral parties in SA.


Monef 5:02 pm  

Interesting take on the situation, but almost all reality shows in all countries rely on those tactics. They ply contestants with alcohol and deprive them of sleep. No books, no music, no TV. All to create drama.

The telling difference with BBA is that there is no strict adherence to the rulls. BB should have shut things down immediately, but they chose not too. That in itself is microcosmic of some of the issues we face as a continent. Ignore rules for the sake of exploitation, wayo wins the day.

Afolabi 8:12 pm  

whatever happened, the guy shldn't win...the money's for ofunneka.

Oracle 3:55 am  

I never liked that show from the very beginning, i think Big brother Nigeria was much better.

Anonymous,  1:13 pm  

Afolabi!! "Whatever happened?!" i'm so sad...

Anonymous,  8:35 pm  

because this is on tv people are acting like this is something they haven't seen before.

Anonymous,  9:16 pm  

Alcohol fuels std's everywhere not just in Africa my friend!

Anonymous,  1:23 pm  

Hey you should read the thisday review of BBA, It contains excellent journalism writing from our best broadsheet, this day... lol

Who wins BBA 2?
Glitz Up Date on Big Brother Africa 2, 11.03.2007

It was a romantic week for Tatiana and Richard, as they romanced themselves in the sitting room, kissed and made love. Ashanti, the new housemate from Kenya, lost in all her antics to win Richard’s love, while Ofunneka got drunk and lost self control. As the programme concludes this week, who will emerge winner of Big Brother ( BB) Africa 2, asks Clementina Olomu

Ofunneka Lost Self Control Ofunneka was the toast of most of the viewers since she has been considered one of the most well behaved housemate, going through some of the SMS. She, however, surprised most of her fans when she got drunk and lost self control. In her state of drunkenness, she went to Richard who started caressing her, she responded, but later broke off again. But the scenes that followed later was unbelievable, as Ofunneka was so horny and could not help herself but started masturbating with her legs wide open. She was, however, injected to sleep.
Fun Loving BB Couple
It was a week of kissing and Romance for the couple in the show, Richard and Tatiana. Last week, viewers saw the best of their romance, when Tatiana poured icing on Richard's body, while he was lying on the couch and started licking the icing up to the hairy part of his lower abdomen, while Richard in turn took off her blouse. With her chest bare, he did like wise and also licked all the icing. When he was done, he started sucking her breast.
Meanwhile, the fake BB contestant from Kenya, Ashanti's antics to woe Richard failed. While in the Jacuzzi, Ashanti, who was on a brown swimming suit and bra, opened her legs wide, enticing Richard who gazed for a moment. Tatiana noticed what was happening and decided to play away. Richard, who was matured and knew he was in a game later held Tatiana and started kissing her again. At this point, Ashanti lost out, and the couple continued with their romance.
Who Wins BB Africa 2.
The programme comes to its conclusion today, as a winner is expected to emerge. Ofunneka, Richard and Tatiana are counting on votes of viewers on the African continent.

Chxta 8:05 pm  

Sad, but it was coming.

CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS 12:48 am  

This is one of the reasons that reality shows don't sit well with me because the "reality" they present is always far fetched

Oyibo! 8:28 pm  

god damn... i can't believe it. I've been suckered in again!
I've never watched a big brother since the first one in the uk, but i end up knowing everything thats going on from the media and other people talking about it. arrgh!
But now i'm confused. The two descriptions of what happened are so wildly different I'm unsure as to what was actually shown on TV.
from the original in jeremy's post its eems a clear cut case of sexual abuse by this a*sshole, and in This Day its All Her Fault... Taking This days track record, and what i'd expect to hear from them, in to account I'm inclined to believe the former version, but if that is true, then it raises two things:
1. This Day... WTF? (but then the litany is so long)
and 2. I watched it today for the first time and Tatiana seemed to be in a state of total denial, why?
This is either a very boring tv show or a fascinating case study in gender roles and control over sexuality.
I can't decide.

ps is that guy richard married? i thought i heard him say something about his wife. If he'd gone to the auditions and said "I'm married but I'm looking to play the field in the house" the producers would have probably wet themselves in anticipation.
why did it take about five or six series in the UK before they got people shagging...?

Anonymous,  8:42 am  

Even though i'm not suprised at the ThisDay perspective, it is still apalling to think of the serious "gender distortion" we have in this society and how the female always takes the blame and responsibilty for any behaviour that is considered to be sexually perversive . I mean how would anyone describe Richard as mature??? From what i have seen on BBA i would definitely not ascribe maturity to Richard. This is a married man who is having an affiar with another girl on a public show but gets so very jealous and angry when other men (Code, Kwaku, Victor) have expressed interest in her (Tatiana).
Besides, all the accounts i've read online did not say anything about Ofunneka masturbating but about Richard doing all the funding and groping with her.

The shameful thing about BBA is not that it exploited the participants for its publicity and viewership ratings as that is to be expected from any reality show. It is that they did not know where to draw the line and now that there is a seeming backlash from the public they cannot handle it. If they think what happened was okay, why have they not put the video clip of that scene online as they do with others and why have they taken to deleting viewers posts on the subjet?

nameless.poetical. 3:59 am  

whoa! are you serious???
ive been out of african for waaay too long...
i wonder why i havent passed by here before...hmmm...

Anonymous,  12:08 pm  

gender distortion is one take, DATE RAPE is quite another. The astounding thing about all of this is that basically what we have here is a classic case of date rape. Date rape is always very hard to prove, but luckily it was televised and so WE HAVE IT ON TAPE!!! but alas, none of our commenting African audience is outraged/exposed enough to see it as such. Abroad, BBA would have been summarily shut down, charges might have been pressed, and somebody would definite have been sued. Someone would be in counseling, someone would be... my point is someone would have been held accountable. I'm appalled.

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