Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Thinking of relocating back to the motherland? Read this first. Big shout out to a man like Olly and all the Oxford massive for the link [said in a London pirate radio dj accent].


Waffarian 12:11 am  

That was just too good!

Anonymous,  11:12 am  

Interesting article...but the writer should also add:

There are some returnees from abroad though, who surprisingly do not see anything wrong with Nigeria, these are the ones who actually never left Nigeria (mentally) they only left in order to obtain a Masters or some foreign qualification in order to return and join the Big boy or Big Girl club which they have always dreamt of – the so-called Elite whose joy is maintained by their fellow citizen’s misfortune. These are the most dangerous ones, stay away from them when you return they will not be happy that you have decided to come back.

Also, having a job in Nigeria is a status thing, it doesn’t mean what kind of ‘work’ you do but it just shows ‘how much’ you earn. If you work in an oil company you are big and highly placed. Nigerians do nothing but look good in the office working hard is commensurate with being stupid, they leave that to the expatriates and the contract workers who need to work or else they can be sacked, for them it is their right their birth-right ……..the average Nigerian really just lives on another planet.

Anonymous,  12:22 pm  

hilarious... the best kind of comedy often has a pod of truth laced with heavy doses of sarcasm.

anijawife 1:14 pm  

It comes out like a comic relief but damn true.I remember telling my kid sister in London to send 200to our last baby to assist with her summer ticket and she screamed "sister a wa o na wo beyan ni London" that some money you are talking and i laughed.

Akin 7:33 pm  

After almost 20 years away and more than half my life in Europe, I think this just puts paid to any idea to returning to settle - as if it ever crossed my mind.

Anonymous,  9:23 pm  

That was hilarious! LMAO
On a serious note though, Nigerians in the diaspora are also experiencing social mobility with the added bonus of actually having some good work ethic. They are also aware of the changing economic climate in Nigeria and have invested heavily in the Nigerian stock market and property. They own and run successful businesses back home, are quick to jump on board and take advantage of any kind of boom, telecoms, technology etc.
For some people, the money for the UK mortgage is made in Nigeria. If they do decide to return, they are home dry(please God). If not, they have the best of both worlds regardless.
Nigerians will be Nigerians wherever they are: resourceful and thriving, and more so the better the 'climate'

TomTom,  6:54 am  

wow everything had to do with money-owambe status-property what a shallow place to be- shuffering and shmiling

Anonymous,  2:32 am  

Everything he said I considered in reaching the conclusion not to return - I have become too accustomed to rules, laws, and regulation.

Plus, I LOVE knowing that my work is ethical - no pinching pockets.

I mean, most of the folks I know are mentioned in city pages (or whatever it is called) - It would be hard for me to relocate and not have the comforts I am used to here and I know I can't sleep at night if I did the things required to maintain in Nigerian the kind of life I am used to here in the Uk

guerreiranigeriana 11:37 pm this post on aduare's page and found it to be rather negative and left me wondering if the author was really trying to convince folks to come home or what...didn't too much care for it...i could have watched, cnn, bbc, abc or oprah and got similar info, except maybe the parts about the naijas who stayed in naija...i don't think it does much to portray the positive in naija...and frankly, naija doesn't need any help, least of all from her own, in muddying her name....

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