Friday, November 09, 2007

Glasgow bag the Commonwealth

Red Road didn't figure at all in my pointless attempt to influence the vote (re: yesterday's post). It was Glasgow wot won it. Thanks to Nkem/Mr-African-Shirts-don't-write-his-blog-no-more for being the bearer of bad tidings.


Oguro,  12:43 am  

.... and the chicken came home to roost.
less chop and an indictment on a top down ineffective centralised planned state.
Glasgows bid was centred on regneration and a legacy . That is what wins games, when a city can demonstrate a willingness to invest in the future of its people not the few... any idiot with his finger on the global pulse could have told them that that was the key... all you had to do was look at the London 2012 winning bid.

Anonymous,  9:41 am  

I thought you will be interested in this for your blog just in case you have not yet come across it

anonymaus,  8:45 am  

Here is an article expressing one view on the decision to award Scotland the Commonwealth games

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