Thursday, November 08, 2007

Red Road

Bibi is away so I'm treating myself to all the films I can't persuade her to watch from our DVD collection. First up: Red Road from 2006. Not exactly an advert for the Glasgow Tourist Board, if there is such a thing: think Easterhouse meets the Gorbals on a misty November night after too many cans of Tennents Extra. The genius of the film is the way the urban dystopia contrasts with the emotional pull of the narrative as it works its way towards something just short of redemption. Above all, the two main characters are fantastically well drawn. As with London-Brighton, Red Road was the result of a prior character study, which really shows, both in the words and out of the words that both are made to speak.


Boosh 10:08 pm  

I lived in Glasgow for one year (2006/2007)and I must try and watch that film. But I wonder if it could capture the real Glasgow: friendly and warm people, alcohol malnutrition (I'd never seen it before and I thought they were Aids victims, the Glasgow mafia and daylight a Lagosian, I armed myself with a sharp nail file and felt right at home

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