Friday, November 09, 2007

Dora in today's Guardian

Here. Is it me or is she more celebrated outside Nigeria than in?


Anonymous,  1:48 pm  

More amazing is that fact that she sprogged 6 kids in the process. The Daily Mail can put that up its pipe, and smoke it.

Nuggets of Gold 5:28 pm  

She is celebrated everywhere. I respect her greatly; not many Nigerians would consider putting their life on the line to make the desired change we all need.

Fred 9:46 pm  

Heartwarming to hear such selflessness.

Anonymous,  4:53 pm  

its just you!

ababoypart2 6:17 pm  

She will only be celebrated in Nigeria when she started embezzling funds. Until she engages in this ‘dignified’ act, she will only be fĂȘted outside our shores.

Anonymous,  6:49 am  

Please she is celebrated in Nigeria. how many countries in the world will give somebody a professorship even if they have been out of academia for a very very long time? And before anyone says it, she doesn't deserve the professorship. the whole affair makes a mockery of the title itself. this is not to Dora should not be celebrated or awarded titles, but there are set criteria for attaining professorship and she did not fulfill the criteria. Many of us in the academy were shocked by this, but then this is what happens in nigeria. those people who meet the criteria will never be awarded it. Another recent case is that of the CEO of the stock exchange. She contributed a large sum to UNN for the student games and she was awarded professorship. the professors here threatened to return their professorship and resign. They noted that why is it that it is only in Eastern universities that this kind of situation takes place. But somehow, i don't know whats happened, they have gone quiet. Nigerian University Commission were also unhappy about this reckless awarding of professorship to those who have not contributed specifically contributed to academic life, teaching, research or certain level of university administration.

Yes, Dora has done alot and she deserves all she gets, but she doesn't deserve the professorship.

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