Monday, November 05, 2007

Gold Rush in Kebbi

Just got sent this:

Kebbi State government has discovered a gold mine in Gari-Awal, in Fakai Local Government area of the state. The gold field, which covers several hectares, was discovered two months ago. About 3,000 illegal miners from all over the country have already besieged the village, mining gold. The state Governor, Saidu Dakingari, along with the Emir of Zuru, Alhaji Sani Sami and top government officials who visited the site, said the discovery was an act of God and a blessing to the state. Dakingari said he was grateful to God that the discovery was during his time, which will definitely boost revenue.

"I was elated, because the economy of Kebbi State would be buoyant. The discovery of gold is an act of God and a blessing," he said, adding that the federal ministry of mines will be adequately informed, so that it will take over the site and standardise its operation.

"What we are looking for is to legalise it. We will tell the Federal Ministry of Mines of the danger of illegal mining. And the danger of people digging up to 30 meters down and so on," he said.Alhaji Dakingari promised his government will provide necessary facilities that will enhance exploitation of the mineral resources an for the miners such as road, water and clinic at the village, adding that with the provision of amenities will improve the welfare of the people.

The Emir of Zuru Alhaji Sami appealed to those in the area especially those involve in gold mine to allow peace to reign.

He advised them to follow due process and abide by the state and local government laws.

The chairman of the local government Alhaji Musa Diko Kalgo said the local government had deployed security agency to the gold site the keep peace and also monitor the activity of the miners.

Alhaji Kalgo appealed to state government to allow the local government construct and access road and clinic in the area. One of the illegal miners Abdullahi Maiturare told this day that the mining activities in the area had empowered him economically, saying he had been getting between N15,000 and N20,000 naira weekly.


Oracle 4:38 pm  

Thatz really nice.
I guess the government has to do something about it fast.
They never mentioned the name of the person that discovered the mine.

That illegal miner was really making money. He must be very angry now

Anonymous,  9:16 pm  

will the proceeds be part of the federation account like oil?

olu 10:23 pm  

Gosh, tell me there's a geologist worth his degree in that country! Is the freaking thing even commercially available? Where is it - right smack in the middle of town? Is anyone going to get displaced from their homes? Will long term excavation lead to earth crust crack and subsequent tremors/quakes to surrounding inhabited regions 50-100yrs from now?
Don't even get me started on revenue allocation, let's examine how well we've done since we struck "the black gold" in Oloibiri, in 1956.
Dig almost any piece of land far down into the earth crust and you'll find something of value. Someone put it there, heck, HE put it everywhere!

Okunrin meta

Prince Abubakar 4:42 am  

It is my hope that the discovery of gold will not be a curse rather than a blessing in Kebbi State or anywhere else in Nigeria. Just like the discovery of oil made us neglet agriculture, other discoveries may lead us in a similar direction. I hope we have learned our lessons. Read the article "The North - "The Nigerian 'Niger Delta' of Alternative Energy Resources" on to figure out what I mean.

Bitchy 3:36 pm  

Oh dear... Yet another flipping natural resource? We are cursed. How many more people are going to be killed, tortured and kidnapped now I wonder?

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