Friday, November 30, 2007

The slow death of the dollar

Its been a long time coming, but the writing is on the wall for the dollar as the main global currency - from hip-hop artistes flashing 500 Euro notes and super models demanding payment in Euros to this. Thanks to JB for the link.


Anonymous,  5:03 pm  

first of all, i get your point. BUT um..lets keep it real. Hip hop artistes who flash the euro? Um..i dont think so. Perhaps the dollar party will truly be over when that happens... the millenium equivalent to the fat lady's song.

Second of all, was surprised to see that SUDAN one of of countries whos thinking was noteworthy. All i ever hear about sudan is about the genocide in darfur (western controlled media?)..Talked to pal today who enlightened me about sudan..apparently Sudan produces about 25% less the amount of crude oil produced by nigeria, and also has about 25%less the population of nigeria, so it is quite a wealthy country..or i should say its not quite as wretched as it is purported to be. It also exports doctors and skilled professionals like Nigeria but has much better infrastructures than we do. Okay these facts(?) unscientific but was truly surprised to find Sudan on this list of relevant countries

nneoma 2:38 am  

I love the US and everything, but I happy that its gung-ho we-can-do-anything-we-want attitude may soon be curbed with a weakening dollar...thanks European Union!

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