Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Proud husband syndrome



Naapali 6:15 pm  

You are entitled to PHS. So how does a yet to be published writer submit works to Bibi's publishing house? I ask because I know one struggling to be published.

Anonymous,  6:21 pm  

Kudos! Very proud of what you guys are doing, and am just peripheral friend from around y'alls way! Well done. Cassava Republics next project however might be to aid african journalism..who the hell is "Caine Prize Winner Helene Habila"?
Love to meet her one day...

Anonymous,  6:35 pm  

Actually it says, "Cain Prize winner Helene Habila" so I think the "e" from Caine somehow migrated to two places in Helon, and pushed the "o" out of the nest.

It also mentions, in the same sentence, "Orange Prize winner Dina Evans," an impostor that shouldn't to be confused with the real Diana Evans.


Safe to say that the author of the article wouldn't get a manuscript past Bibi's pen.

she!,  6:52 pm  

lol@ above anon....

Frances Uku 8:18 pm  

you two are my kind of power couple.

Loomnie 9:10 pm  

Good work. :)

CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS 10:29 pm  

please u guys should clap for yourselves joo.
u guys have tried
oh, and i am waiting on the answer to Naapali's question

Jeremy 10:40 pm  

go to and click on the link submit an ms - you'll find full guidelines there.

nneoma 12:55 am  

Yippee! Can't wait to peruse through the collection next time I visit Naija. Absolutely wonderful.

Anonymous,  10:38 am  

Am I the only one that bought Kemi's journal? was this a paid for article, the printing was the worst I have seen ever. I bought both Kemi's journal and Zach's story, before I could reach the middle pages, most of the pages had fallen out, cassava republic, please sit up, it's not yet time for a pat on the back.

Jeremy 10:42 am  

@ last anonymous. You clearly didn't read the article on All Africa. The version you bought of Kemi's Journal and Zack's Story were terrible quality. We withdrew them from the market as soon as we could. In massive contrast, the new versions of both books are completely gorgeous in every way. Go to NuMetro and buy your two new copies - they are N650 each.

Ore 4:46 pm  

Yup, I'll second that. The new editions of Kemi's Journal and Zack's Story are gorgeous and are much better quality. I saw them at Nu Metro.

Anonymous,  9:46 am  

I know you guys printed about 10,000 copies of each book and I really expected that you withdraw them from the market, despite the loss of revenue. This is unusual in the Nigerian market space. And the latest editions are just gorgeous as all your other books. well done and all the best. Every Nigerians should support this noble effort. But how are you people managing to retail Kemi's Journal at N650 and Measuring Time at N850. Are you a non-for-profit organisation? Half of the Yellow Sun which I absolutely love, but my copy has fallen apart is similar size to the Measuring Time at N1500. Would you be revealing biz secret if I ask you what your model is based on. Don't you people want to make money?

Anonymous,  11:43 am  


Well done to you guys.... I think as your-sister(both in-law and otherways), i think its worth saying that my dear sister Bibs my not be here without your unfailling love support and most importantly, your belief in the same ethos!!!!

To the last annon, if you've read the article, you will see that CR's business model is about the bottom of the pyramid... from the bottom up! Hence its a volume business... Therefore, taking a loss on reprinting of Kemi's Journal will achieve a more lasting success!!! So its no secret at all.

But on the other hand, my sister is an academic not an industrialist!


To my sister Bibi:

Remember the one incident in school, when you stood up for me against one of the boys that used to bully us, his name was Dingo? I've never told you this, but you were my hero from that day! i had the vocal strenght, you possed the internal strenght.

So its perhaps not suprising that you're becoming an hero to the masses who have prayed for a messiah that will change the face of Nigerian publishing and literature retail.

Bibs, since the birth of CR, we don't get much time to update each other on family gossip from the 2 sides of the pond anymore, but i know why and i understand why and everytime i read an article such as this one about CR, I end up spending the whole day possitively gossiping about my FABULOUS sister and her publishing company! WE ARE ALL PROUD!!!


Anonymous,  10:57 am  

Cassava Republic is certainly doing great work - to build a vision that doesnt bring in immediate income in Nigeria is to have people look at you askance. Well done! However, I did find this article faulty in at least one respect. "Cassava Republic is unique in Nigeria, not only for its quality printing but because it exists at all."??? Not true. How about Farafina? Both Farafina and Cassave Republic deserve press for the amazing work they are doing, and the former especially for blazing the trail. All these foreign journalists - and to think this info is easily accessible on the internet!

Iyaeto 1:27 am  

oko iyawo!!!

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