Thursday, July 22, 2010

Baby Nmachi, the white daughter of Nigerian parents

Baby Nmachi may not be a novel genetic mutation nor an albino. Ihegboro sounds like a delta name. There has been sexual contact between white men (traders, slavers, missionaries, civil servants etc.) and black women for centuries along the Bight of Benin and Biafra. Its not out of the realms of possibility that caucasian genes entered a few generations ago on both sides, as seems required to explain the white baby born of Nigerian parents. See also here and here.


Formerly stealth reader 1:50 am  

well the doctors should determine the reason,people on the discussion boards are coming up with a fourth option; she cheated on her husband, i only hope she isnt being accused in Nigeria, we all know how vicious and accusatory humans can get, worse if the human is nigerian then the drama takes on a whole new level lol

CodLiverOil 1:52 am  

When tens of millions of babies are born every year. It is not out the realm of possibility that rare genetic combinations can occur. You have con-joined twins etc.

In Australia, they were reported to be British of Igbo Nigerian origin.

The other thing to note, that Nigerians unlike much of the rest of Britain, are very cagey about coming clean on family history. Anything that is perceived as not being flattering to the family background is covered with the all encompassing “we have not heard of anything like this in the family”, or “we don’t have anything like this in the family”. I’m not casting doubt on what they are saying (probably what they are saying is completely true), but I’m simply stating that anyone trying to research into the family history as regards Nigerians is on a hiding to nothing.

Congratulations to the parents on the latest addition to the family.

Jaja 1:03 pm  

The sun should just shut up!

Anonymous,  3:37 pm  

@CodLiverOil - is Nigeria a part of Britain now and what is with the implied shame of having some white ancestry?

CodLiverOil 5:20 pm  

@Anonymous 3.37pm

When I said “Nigerians unlike much of the rest of Britain are cagey…”

Was meant to mean those Nigerians (or people of Nigerian origin) in the UK are not forthcoming about family history unless it depicts them in glowing terms. I’ve noticed amongst the host population, that people are far more forthcoming about their family history, whether it be good bad or indifferent (they even document it in public libraries).

Some Nigerians, take this racial purity thing a bit too far. They pride themselves as being pure “African” , “Negro”, whatever (what is pure?).

(Maybe it is a reaction to years of negative influence about being black)

Nothing wrong with that, but that doesn’t make you any better than anyone else.

From what I’ve discovered if you delve far back enough into anyone’s family history, there is no “pure” anything. Believe it or not, people are just human beings. When you recognise that, one is not so hung up on their family background or others for that matter.

Anonymous,  10:06 am  

'Some Nigerians, take this racial purity thing a bit too far' - well we all know where that leads!

Anonymous,  3:28 pm  

Cute baby. Bless

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