Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Britain's Witch Children

Britain's Witch Children was shown on Channel 4 yesterday. If you are in the UK you can watch it again here. Can some very nice person stick the thing on YouTube for the rest of us please?


Iyaeto 6:23 pm  

Saw this on TV last night and we did have a case with Gilbert Deya who rented our building and refused to pay rent .He even tried bullying tactics.Thank God the judge ruled in our favour.

joicee 9:06 am  

pls same here...can someone get it on youtube for the rest of us, non-UK inhabitants?.. thanks in advance

Abuja 6:29 pm  

if I knew how to, I would do :)

Anonymous,  8:50 am  

Try this link or comd the entire Stagevu.com site. It's been ther sinds the 27th July stagevu.com/video/dqxkguhaxsbg

Baba,  6:20 pm  

You guys can try download here --> http://hotfile.com/dl/57722263/9951f9c/FTP-XviD-PDTV-WS-Children-Witch-Britains-Dispatches_Sparhawk.rar.html

Anonymous,  7:50 pm  

i think these men are very wicked. they know in there heart that GOD did not tell them this but yet they use his name. may GOD forgive them. they should repent befor its too late

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