Monday, July 26, 2010

Dr Detective Sam Nwanti for President

Ok so here's today's test. I defy you, my dear reader, to go to this page and not laugh. Go on, see if you can pass!

Once you're done, read this.


Pusoro 4:59 pm  

'Nigerian leaders have stolen over 30 trillion dollars, "That is why I am running for President in 2011."'

Brilliant when taken out of context.

Myne Whitman 6:28 pm  

Is he really serious LWKMD. Have the Nigerian press heard of him?

isaac,  10:48 pm  

Whatever he's on Jeremy, tell him there's help

Anonymous,  9:21 am  

i didnt even crack a smile. it was just stupid.
okay, maybe the African Detectives Association endorsement was funny.
okay, so it crept on me slowly but now im laughing hysterically..
just rereading the denver post article..omg!

SHE 9:47 am  

Pusoro took the words right off my keyboard.

"Nigerian leaders have looted over 500 billion ..." That is why he is running for president.


Somebody 5:40 pm  

Why did he change his name to Wantings?

Anonymous,  6:13 am  

@ Somebody, isn't it obvious he "wants" to join the looting train?

Anonymous,  9:00 am  

Why did Detective Wantings not apply/loby for EFCC Chairman?

What exactly does Wantings want?

Anonymous,  6:26 am  

I guess the nigerian government lets felons run for president.

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