Friday, July 23, 2010

Who is the President of the United States?


Anonymous,  12:35 pm  

hahahah... typical yoruba - naij!

"excuse me! i am an elderly person, abi i'm I not the one that bring you to lagos? this cloth you're wearing..."

Rita 1:43 pm  

This is so hilarious...Mc Clean...

Free Talk blog 2:34 pm  

i'm still in stitches this is just too funny. pls could i post it on my blog, gotta spread the good news! lolz

Jeremy 2:44 pm  

Be my guest Free Talk. I got it from YouTube...

UkMedic,  6:27 pm  

This is sooo funny!!..still laughing!
I'm posting this & sharing on my FB page....this deserves to go viral!

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