Saturday, July 10, 2010

Super Eagles involved in match fixing during the World Cup?

Allegations aired on BBC2's Newsnight last night.


Myne Whitman 4:18 am  

We have been Kaita'ed!

Anonymous,  9:18 am  

Once again a bad rap for Nija, with no substance.

The story here is that known criminals run betting syndicates out of London.

This news is then wrapped in a Naija angle. Because everyone 'knows' how corrupt we are.


Anonymous,  11:03 am  

No substance at all.

Watched newsnight and was so disappointed with the reporting. They said (or claimed) that some countries were suspected of match fixing at the 2010 world cup but only dared to name Nigeria for reasons we all know. The other countries suspected of match fixing were not named.

I do not doubt that we can be involved in this sort of mess because quite frankly most Nigerians even when they are not needy can be bought for a price. But in this case I refuse to believe that the reason we left SA was because of match fixing.

Anyone following the preparations of the super eagles will know that they were lucky to even qualify for the world cup.

In the newsnight report the so called match fixing agent was confident that Nigeria will lose to Argentina and had betted in favour of Argentina as if that was ever in doubt (to the amazement of the source to BBC). Very silly.

Thank God no Nigerian newspaper covered this report as it is just the same old pointing fingers at the usual suspect.

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