Friday, July 30, 2010

Nigeria, the world's 14th most failed state

According to Foreign Policy magazine. At least its one better than Kenya!


joicee 9:37 pm  

Oh F%&$!...Not again!

Anonymous,  9:56 pm  

Iran? failed state?

India better than china?


CodLiverOil 3:17 am  

Until we can face the truth and act in an organised and sensible manner to address societies problems the country will continue on a downward path of descent into anarchy and savagery.

People should stop hiding behind false pretences such as, some criteria used for classification are off the mark. Saying Nigeria is better than Kenya or Somalia for that matter is no consolation, our eyes should be set upwards not downwards. The bottom line is that Nigeria has fallen well short of what it should be. (No more giant of Africa, more like the obese boy of Africa)

The underhand manner of bureaucracy, and the unsatisfactory living conditions in which the vast majority of the people find themselves are testimony to the fact that looking elsewhere and wishing it weren’t so, will not erase these unpleasant yet relevant facts.

Anonymous,  10:51 am  

Failed state or flawed democracy? It depends on who's survey. The Economist regards Nigeria's democracy as flawed (See the article

PS: The leader, editorial in The Economist's parlance, on the story described how Sudan's Bashir bashed the opposition. Pretty much like Donald Duke's recent 'confessions' on Nigerian elections are rigged.

Anonymous,  1:28 pm  

It is sad you would make a statement like this 'At least one ahead of Kenya' even if you were joking. I wonder why you did not jokingly compare us with ghana which stands at no 124. We should be ashamed that religious divide and ethnicity is what sets us apart which the United states sees as their strength.Our place should not be glorified in any way but u may not be bothered because you probably do not live in naija.

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