Monday, October 09, 2006

Against IBB

Check this anti-IBB site. It's good to see digital activism of this kind.

Meanwhile, Abuja is weirdly quiet - the ban on okadas seems to be holding. The taxi drivers are having a beautiful time, with rates for short drops doubled. Meanwhile, the buses that are supposed to take over from the motorbikes on intra-city transport have yet to materialise. Many people are resorting to walking everywhere. During Ramadan, this is no joke..


Aba Boy 12:16 pm  

IBB faces an uphill task if he really wants to lead Nigeria again. In spite of this, nothing is impossible in Nigeria.

Anonymous,  12:21 am  

It is the ban on okadas that is the joke. In an under-developed economy such as ours, motorcycle taxis are a viable, affordable alternative, which create income and provide a service.

Of course they are rampant, dangerous and in need of regulation. But no, rather than THINK, we always choose the knee-jerk OTT reaction.

When will we Nija's accept that we are poor, that Abuja is not London, that government CANNOT do it all. Only then will we begin to embrace and augment the survival strategies and networks of the poor, as the first step in seeking sustainable development solutions - from the micro-level.

Bring back okada!!


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