Friday, October 27, 2006

London owambe

My first video on Youtube! An owambe in London in 2003. Women in lace and gele's dancing to fuji.


Marin 8:52 am  

Jeremy, you are just too much for me!

tobs 2:58 pm  

jeremy, how do you put the movie on the blog from youtube?

tobs 3:08 pm  

j - i discovered it myself - read bthe manual before you ask etc

Styl Council 3:25 pm  

jay..Oh god i can't stop laughin!!!!..Whose wedding was it..It looks like it was Subomi's wedding and the woman dancing looks like Mrs shomolu (one of Aunty Ejide's freind).

I Love!!! it was way too short though...I really enjoyed it and couldn't stop playing that short clip...Can you extend it..If the video is from Subomi's wedding then I'm sure she won't mind....

Shango,  6:18 pm  

God damn it, but I miss seeing this shit live! A single tear rolls down my cheek.

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