Tuesday, October 17, 2006

David Banda Ritchie

Madonna's little child David arrives in his new lap of Marylebone luxury today. It's quite hard not to be revolted by the adoption of this 1 year old Malawian - the way the Ritchies were able to fast-track the process sticks in the throat.

But more egregious by far is the arbitrary selectivity: one boy gets the best the world can offer, while the other orphans and unwanted children of Malawi are left behind. If there were to be no vanity involved (that warm cosy feeling of having done your bit for 'Africa'), the Ritchies should have just quietly put some of their copious resources behind orhanages/maternity hospitals etc in Malawi.

But that would have meant they don't get to come away with a little shiny brown prize. Its almost as vomit-inspiring a story as the recent Pitt/Jolie birth in Namibia - where the whole country was practically sealed off so the obnoxious mannequin could drop her brat.

In both stories Africa is just a forgotten someplace else that can be used whenever a whim or fancy occurs to the uber-class. Neither Malawi nor Namibia should have accepted this kind of support.


Shango,  3:14 pm  

Hear, hear!!

Sheesh, I'm beginning to agree with Jeremy, the Force must be in flux.

Christian Writer 4:14 pm  

Oga, I'm stalking you today but I couldn't help but notice that we shared (roughly) the same thoughts on this adoption business a la Madonna. I shared my thoughts with the world wwww.myspace.com/christianwriteruk. P.S. you can delete the my space link if you decide to post my comment. it's just for you to check it out.

Nkem 4:44 pm  

She has actually set up an orphanage in Malawi: http://uk.news.yahoo.com/08102006/344/work-begins-madonna-s-orphanage.html

Anonymous,  8:51 pm  


I disagree with your opinion because even though this is not the best way, the plight of Africa is getting some press coverage.

I agree with the rule that no publicity is bad publicity and i am quite happy that a Uk teenager will check out where Namibia is on the map just because Brangelina had a baby there

Anonymous,  12:42 am  

As an African mother, I could't help but worry: Oh my God, how's she gonna know to 'grease' his skin properly in winter and how are they gonna groom his hair without hurting him. Would he be raised as a Kaballah faithful??

However I would much prefer him in Madonna's home than what could potentially be his lot otherwise.
Growing up in Ondo state, hawking vegetables for my gran after school, forever grateful to my late aunt who took me to Lagos and later sent me to England, I can say there's nothing wrong with a bit of luxury for an African child. Most us of live in luxury compared to the life these children have.

The only thing wrong in all this is what the curse of the cameras. No matter what these people do, in good faith or otherwise, the cameras will always follow. Shameless flashing lights distorting everyone's views and causing us to jump on the wrong bandwagon. Reaching under a hood to photograph a one year old just to sell a paper? now that's disgusting. The Ritchies are not the only ones who adopt children from other backgrounds. But I guess regular people's stories wont sell papers.
I wish David well in his new home and I'm really hoping for another 'major event' that will take the cameras away from his 'shiny brown' face so he can grow in peace.
One less child in an institution and one more child in a family. More of us should do the same - adopt.

Oh - It's unfair (on the child) to call any child a brat even if they belong to mega-lipped home-wreckers

I wonder how many of us actually give to an orphange in Africa.

Anonymous,  5:51 am  

I'm getting sick and tired of the Madonna bashing.

So you would rather that child stay in Malawai and die because you cannot get over the fact that Madonna is adopting the child? I mean's let be logical.

What is the problem here? This is a lady that has chosen to adopt a child that had already been given up for adoption by his father! so he wasn't 'stolen'.The father was even happy because he said he couldn't look after it. How is that evil?

I think all of you should grow up and stop being so bitter and twisted. I say more grease to Madonna's elbow. She has just gone up in my estimation hugely.

She has also told her lawyers that they have an 'open chequebook' to fight any legal challenge from anywhere on the planet to her adoption of David so there!

And by the way I'm a black African female...

Christian Writer 10:22 am  

You'll be glad to know there's an update to this story - that's if you're not bored of the malarkey already http://www.guardian.co.uk/g2/story/0,,1926759,00.html

Anonymous,  11:05 pm  

First off the father of the boy gave up David thinking that in time he will receieve something in return! Half the family of David (biological) is divided because of the decision madonna made to adopt this kid.

Why doesn't she just focus on her two children, why drag a child into the mix as a background extra in the new family. Do you think he'll ever fit in? Really with everyone in the world staring ? Well, thats not there child. Thats the ADOPTED one. Honestly when we see him we are not going to say....oh look madonna's son & Guy's son....We''ll most likely say "oh look there's the little black kid, the adopted kid. " Look there's lourdes & Rocco yeah lets take pictures.

Madonna had the perfect family 1 daughter and 1 son. Daughter looked like her and the son looked like the father. It was perfect. Now they that the extra nappy child.

Fine, help the village, give to the village and save them...but don't bring it into your home! Think of the child that's going to be an outcast...everywhere he's going to go the other kids and people are going to say" were is your mother? How can your mother be white? You don't look mixed!"

Madonna please, Think of your 2 beautiful children first....before you decide to give what time you had/have to some other outsider. I'm sure they need as much attention still they are only 10 and 6. You wanna adopt then do it when they are older then you can devote your life to it!

I really wonder what Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon and & Rocco Ciccone Ritchie thinks about this? It must be fun to have some one to kick around.....but do they realize that this kid is not ever going anywhere. Meaning that you can't send the kid back!

Anonymous,  11:39 am  

im Malawian and know that what madonna has done is very welcome.Dont call the poor child lots of names beacuse he has been adopted from malawi.other people have been adopted before and nobody commented.David grow up in peace and enjoy life ther!

Anonymous,  9:11 pm  

To the people that are ridiculing Maddona for adopting a child, I say shame on you. We need more people like Madonna who are willing to open there hearts and home to the so many children that have been orphaned in the world. It does not matter what color his skin is, It only matter that he will have a chance at a better life. That he has been blessed and God have provided him with a guardian angle. I say Good for you Madonna. If I could I too would adopt an African child and give that child a chance at a better life. The opportunity to becmoe someone that will be able to return to his country one day and help others as he himself has been helped.

Anonymous,  2:18 am  

I think David is the real star here you cant help but notice the attraction the press has for him and his big eyes...he's gonna have a great life and kiss the girls and make them cry LOL

helen boms,  5:40 pm  

what is the matter people?it is a glory for someone to adopt a child and i dont understand why people are so specific about madonna,s adoption...the boy is just a lucky boy...a lot of people even with children are just wasting food while there are some who ve not even seen a meal....GOD PLEASE PEOPLE IF ANYONE HAS AN IDEA PLS MAIL ME I WANT TO ADOPT A CHILD.i,m married no kids yet when my husband brought the idea i was happy...my love for kids is wasting...pls email me if anyone has an idea of what to do first..my email is [email protected] thanksssss

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