Sunday, October 01, 2006

leaving Nigeria?

A friend with a perceptive mind looked at me this evening and told me that I wouldn't and couldn't leave Nigeria until I/we had created the conditions by which we wouldn't want to leave. I feel full of fortune that there are people in my life who have more insight into myself and into the enigma of the world than I. We don't have any choice but to stay here and try to be as much part of the transformation as possible.

After a lovely meal, a group of us drank champagne until 03:30. This is the way to celebrate being alive for one more year.


Chxta 6:13 pm  

...and may the Nigerian government realise that you are an asset and give you a green kpali.

Akin 11:54 pm  

I suppose we always have a mission for wherever we are at, what we sometimes lack is the ability to quantise the whole thing into steps that would take us to the desired goal and great achievement.

Amazing how birthdays allow for another assessment of where froms and where tos, as you contemplate how to, you give thanks for here and now.

Through these eyes 6:31 pm  

I'm glad you came to the conclusion of staying. Not all of us are as brave as you. It is worth it and you're grandkids and mine will be the beneficiaries of your accomplishments.

Just posted your story on IBB on my page:

Didn't hear about the Vatsa thing till now. Thanks for the deads up.

Calabar Gal 9:15 am  

Please dont go..............!!! LOL!! Birthdays are always times for sober reflections and we pray the year ahead will bring u even nicer testimonies!!

Check out the positive Independence post on my blog!! Entrance to the festivities is free!! Dont miss it!!

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