Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Umoja, the popular African dance show (think leopard skin trunks and loud drums) that has circuited the globe for the past few years, finally hits Nigeria. The big question is, will the girls take their tops off? This is, at least from a heterosexual male perspective, the 'highlight' of the show..


ayoke,  12:12 pm  

Will the girls take their tops off? Hahaha! Shameless man! Why don't you travel to Swaziland every year at the Reed Dance period to see enough topless girls to last each year?

Pilgrimage to Self 12:19 pm  

This isn't their first vist to Nigeria. I watched them about four years ago in Eko Le'Meridian, Lagos. It was a really good show. And Yes, they did take their tops off much to all the men's delight!

In my opinion, a must see.

Shango,  4:43 pm  

I see you're beating the hetero-drum now. :-)

Anyone remember Ipitombi? God, I loved them!

Morountodun 4:55 pm  

Jeremy you old lech. But I disagree o! That show is fantastic the energetic dance routines were the main attraction.

Anthony Arojojoye 8:16 pm  

Take off their tops :-)? Then I should be coming to Abuja very soon. Are cameras also allowed?

Thanks for the link.

On a lighter MODE. Is mode wrong?

Bisi,  4:36 pm  

Typical sexist attitude to women. How would you like it if women demanded men take their loin cloths off? Get with the program Jeremy!

Jeremy 4:42 pm  

Bisi - I was careful to say 'from a heterosexual male perspective' - not from MY perspective. Whenever people see the show, they tend to talk about the tits.

What would I think if women demanded that men take off their loin cloths? I'd think cool - whatever floats your boat.

A few months ago, I took a visiting Nigerian woman and her Asian friend to an open-air strip joint on the outskirts of Abuja. I sat drinking my beer while these two crazy women tucked 100 naira notes into the leopard-skin trunks of the Tiv cat dancer as he wiggled his butt a few inches from their faces!

Anonymous,  6:20 pm  

open-air strip joint! I didn't even imagine such a thing existed. open air markets, barber shops, yes, but strip joints. Nah wah for naija sha

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