Monday, October 23, 2006

Toks and Bibi at the top of the falls


Anonymous,  3:45 am  

jeremy, do you ever visit the south east or south south. i'd love to see those pics

Anonymous,  11:17 pm  

ah Tokunboh...she is really an inspiration for us young nigerian females in the white male dominated world of finance...

she is pretty too!

and yes, do u ever visit the south east?

Jeremy 12:28 pm  

Yes I've been East (though not as often as I'd like). Check my post A trip to the East - January 2004..

Jeremy 12:31 pm  

oops - i meant jan 2005. There are quite a few pictures from my trip to Ohafia, Aruchukwu and Abriba on my flickr page:[email protected]/sets/72057594058120425/

Anonymous,  12:53 pm  

what a small world that you know Tokunbo. She is in an inspiration to many of us young Naija women trying to find our feet in the corporate world with her dreads. truly inspiring. my goodness jeremy, you seem to know all this high-powered women. and I googled Bibi, quite a feminist!! two examples of beauty and brains


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