Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Damn those skype people are wizards in the art of data compression. I had my first video-skype conversation today with a mate in the UK (using my Macbook with built-in camera and the Beta version of videoskype for OSX). Even at a measly 50 or so kps, we were getting maybe 15 frames-per-second video contact. Can't wait to get my folks back home sorted with a web camera so we can have full audio-visual contact. Once you've done audio-video voip, a plain old voice-voice conversation seems two dimensional.


Anonymous,  1:07 pm  

i have to et video skype for my mom in nigeria. she curretnly uses the 2 dimensionaly skype and thinks that wild

culturalmiscellany 4:42 pm  

Yes but we are still reliant on bandwidth. Thats what always ruins my sessions.

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