Friday, October 20, 2006

Jimi Solanke

I was honoured to meet Jimi Solanke last night at a Nigerian Film Hall of Fame event at Merit Hall. Solanke is a well-known storyteller, actor and performer. He used to perform with Soyinka's troupe and has appeared in many films. At 65, he is still full of beans, taking his own theatre company into rural areas to perform ethics-based plays. He also teaches at Ife (OAU), focusing on oral history.

His voice is a fruity baritone, his face expressive, like a Rodin in motion. He re-told the Yoruba origin story - the mischevious Eshu getting creator-spirit Obatala (a.k.a Orishala) drunk, leaving Oduduwa to climb down and form the earth. Till today, devotees of Obatala cannot drink palm wine..

I think he was very happy to receive the award.


Anonymous,  6:32 pm  

Yeah I remember that dude, he had a Story telling show on NTA back in the day....

supermandru 12:38 pm  

I remember my dad used to play his records back in the day. Can't seem to find 'em anywhere now though...any help would be appreciated

adebowale 6:01 pm  

This man is truely a legend, can anyone advice on how to get his music on tape or cd.

Smalley 10:34 pm  

Alafia, Jimi Solanke. You and your company and Laurence Fishburne and David McKnight helped to make my play, "Moondance," a sensation years ago in Los Angeles.

The play is now called "Drums of the Night Gods" and I am hoping for your participation for a major production and a film adaptation. Yours truly, Mike Cook; [email protected]

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