Thursday, October 12, 2006

Now that Beyonce, Jay-Z and all have gone

While some young (and not so young) 'uns got to see and scream in front of their Channel O idols, either at the concert or after/before at the Eko Hotel, many others have a bad taste in their mouths after the This Day-sponsored event last week.

Apparently, the main acts were paid US$500,000 each to perform. When Nigeria is full of struggling creative talent who cannot hope to receive any support from newspapers, bankers, or the government, is it really the thing to do to blow all that money on some mediocre foreign acts? What an odd way to celebrate Nigeria's independence..


madlawyer1 4:35 pm

he addressed it as well!

Shango,  4:49 pm  

I wouldn't call them mediocre exactly, Jeremy, however I do agree on the whole with your characterizations on this one--if the government paid them, that is. If it was a funded by a private enterprise, who cares, no?

Jeremy 4:58 pm  

Yes, the event was also sponsored by the Ministry for Tourism I believe..

Anyway Shango welcome back. I'd begun to think you'd fallen down a hole!

Compared to Seun, Jay-Z IS mediocre!

Anonymous,  6:59 pm  

The money paid to the artistes would have been money well spent, with the exposure and all. But why do we need to advertise a product (Nigeria) that is not yet ready for the markets.

Chxta 8:36 pm  

All the artistes invited are mediocre in my books. Products of the dearth of talent in the music industry nowadays. Lest I turn this into a personal rant...

Oria, yes the two events are two sides of the same problem...

Anonymous,  8:41 pm  

The Thunder God is alive and well, Jeremy, thanks. Now, how about some obeisance?

Anonymous,  10:30 am  

It's not just the sponsors, most of us are guilty of some complicity our own little way:
.A regular young Nigerian would rather buy a Jay-z track than a 2face or Seun one.(No?)
.From the accounts of the event that I read, there was a lower turnout on the second day when most of the Nigerian acts performed. Some support from fans!!
.Some Nigerian acts would rather copy foreign acts, however badly than be original
.I put my hands up - I really wished I could have been in Nig. to rock such a big party at home! Doubt if i would have felt the same way if it was an all Nigerian line up.
I do my bit - Download Nig. acts tracks from itunes etc etc but what is it about us that draws us to American culture (especially).

tobs 12:12 pm  

I have friends who were part of the organising of the event; one told me the Nigerian artists back stage tent were without A/C and any kind of refreshments, basicly just a tent - while the superstars had a tent like a 5 star suite. Also the Nigerian photographers at the concert were blocked in a corner by 5 huge gorrilas while the international (white) photographers could rund around in front of the stage as much as they wanted.

So much for 'giving back to Africa'

Aba Boy 12:26 pm  

I wouldn’t call them mediocre and my opinions about Nigerian hip-hop artists aren’t complimentary, but you do make a good point.

Anthony Arojojoye 8:11 pm  

When we don't appreciate our food, the neighbour's dung will find its way to us.

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