Monday, October 16, 2006

Bibi becomes a celebrity

I started getting texts this evening and Bibi had 80 missed calls - she was at a 40th birthday party for an Abuja heavy girl, while I was at home with my hypothetical cat. The interview recorded with Diana Evans and Bibi on NTA's Today's Woman with Adesuwa back in August was broadcast this evening. Neither of us saw it, but they must have put Bibi's phone number on the show. Random numbers keep flashing her constantly, and she has endless text messages along the lines of, "My name is Segun. I live in Adamawa State and have written a xtian novel. How do I publish?" I recall the day it was recorded, me the loyal husband backstage. We chatted with Adesuwa after the show - she seems like a lovely earthy woman.


Shango,  4:45 am  

Is yours anything like Schrodinger's?

Anonymous,  5:45 am  

Congrats to Bibi!
AAh I am surprised she didnt get any toasters/marriage proposals along the lines of 'hello, my name is segun and i was enticed by your beauty on the show'...
u know its the naija way...

Christian Writer 9:53 am  

You're both celebrities. Can I be your maid? Better still, adopt me a la Madonna. Oh look, you haven't got a private jet to fly me out of my AIDS ridden village. Another life perhaps.

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