Monday, October 16, 2006

Lekki cycling

The nightmare that is the Lekki Expressway is another opportunity for cycling as a transport alternative. Even VGC is only six or seven miles from town. Lagos State would have to provide cycle tracks that were separated from the road by a raised curbing (as in London), and of course, offices would have to provide shower facilities for sweaty bodies. But a frustrating journey of 2 hours could be cut down to a health-inducing 25 min zip on a bike.

The other (more readily realisable) option would be to enforce car-pooling, and/or have a pooling lane.

Whatever the case, something drastically effective has to be done.


Aaron Rowe 1:10 pm  

Good Idea, but how would they stop the Danfo drivers using it as a bypass?

A raised kerb doesn't stop them anywhere else in Lagos.

Shango,  4:17 pm  

I like how you keep pushing for Nigerian civilization Jeremy, love it, really, you idealistic bastard you! ;-)

Tell me when your strength wears out, I'd like to break out a bottle of '64 Dom Perignon, bless your socialist heart.

Offices providing shower facilities indeed! Heheheh...

naijajams 4:43 pm  

raised curb + vehicular barriers. These are necessary both to ensure the safety of the cyclists & to prevent abuse by motor vehicles. Good idea! Assuring the safety of cyclists is a big question though... what prevents thugs from assaulting these commuters? Riding in groups?

Chxta 6:01 pm  

Aaron spoke my mind. O boy na Naija u dey?

The cynicism from the two Nigerian resondents thus far though says it all...

Baba Alaye,  7:46 am  

That idea is not gonna fly Jeremy.
I live in Lekki and i don't know too many people who will get on a bike in the humid Lagos weather.

A typical VGC residents solution = Make sure your lap top's battery will survive the 2hr duration and oh there's Blackberry.

Anonymous,  6:08 pm  

lol at car pooling. but wouldnt that be serving right into the hands of the big wigs whose cars are usually occupied by at least 2 people anyway i.e. oga + driver and maybe personal assistant or police bodyguard? there would be traffic jams in the High Occupancy Lanes. lol.

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