Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Basket Mouth

In Lagos yesterday, I saw a billboard at the end of Adeola Odeku which is brilliant - I wish I'd had my camera.

Beside a grinning picture of popular comedian Basket Mouth was the headline "Basket Mouth for President 2007". The name of BM's party: the CICDP (Chop I chop Democratic Party). Underneath, with an injunction to contact BM on his GSM was the strapline, "Enough ghana-must-go for everbody"

It confirms my belief that comedy is the most radically contestive space in Nigeria at the moment. We must look to Basket Mouth & co to drive reform.

Another thing: there is to be a demo/march in Ikeja on Friday demanding change in the Aviation sector - led by some Loyola Jesuit parents (will post more info tomorrow). Let the people rise up!


Anonymous,  11:39 am

Anonymous,  12:55 pm  

It will be goodn to see the image, if by any chance you get its photograph taken. My head is full of imagination now ...

Reminds me of some cartoon during the hell days of Abach.

Omohegbe 11:48 am  

heard basketmouth is coming to UK!!! can anyone confirm that this is true...

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