Saturday, December 03, 2005

Book clubs in Lagos

A reading culture IS coming back to Nigeria, thanks to the valliant efforts of a few. There are clusters of book clubs emerging. Check this one - which has both adult and childrens groups.


Nkem 4:52 pm  

A reading culture has always existed in Nigeria, but it's recently been of the "Achieve yor breakthrough in 7 prayers" variety. I reckon though that evangelical Christianity has increased literacy in Nigeria. All we have to do now is wean them off the god-awful stuff (pun intended), to Adichie, Habila and such.

Anonymous,  10:48 am  

a return of a reading culture would be really great for the country. Opening up the world of the imagination... Farafina is doing a good job for local publishing. i hear that 2006 is going to see a host of internationally published books being made availabe at a cheap rate locally. A source at the publishing giant Random house tells me that they are going into partnership with a local publisher in Nigeria to make any of their books available at an affordable price. This will be so great!

afrofunkycool 12:16 pm  

We should also encourage the publication in Nigeria of books by other african writers. If we wish to open up the world of the imagination then that imagination must be grounded in our space before it roams the earth. Our youth have to have some idea of the African cultures around them . If not all we will do is produce imaginations which are tuned to the world overseas and that is where they will go to find their destinies . This is one of the silent reasons behind the brain drain. culture is a powrful weapon.

Who can read fragments by Ayi kwei armah, people of the city / Jagua nana by Ekwensi, or The Cairo triology by Naguib mahfouz and not want to at least see or experience some of those sensations. The earthiness and peculiar scents of african markets, the funky women with their strong identities and the multiplicity of characters who people the books and each city with it's own distinct character and attitude to work and play.

Anonymous,  2:07 pm  

Nice meeting with people of like passion,pls can you send me details of your meetings and venue, am interested in this bookclub. thank you

Anonymous,  9:13 am  

Have you heard about Zone IV Girl? It's one Novel by Damola McCarie that's making waves in Abuja right now. Publishers (HardeySumbau Publishing House) said it will be out this xmas. You guys may want to watch out for it. I have read some excerpts and I think it's good.

CurseGod, the novel 1:23 am  

Curse God
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