Sunday, December 11, 2005

Nigerian graphic design

The standard of graphic design and creative copywriting in Nigerian advertising is woefully poor - with MTN leading the way with straplines such as "Go where you want to go" and "Life is beautiful". As with Nigerian newspapers, one can easily get depressed.

An island of creativity in a sea of mediocrity is young Lanre Lawal who won a design award from the British Council recently. Check out his graphic design work for Jazzhole, Urban Living etc here (unfortunately its a heavy site so not so easy to browse from your average naija cybercafe). Let's hope the acclaim doesnt go to his head and he keeps on developing his talent.


Anonymous,  8:47 pm  

Lanre is indeed talented and very proficient with his tools. I hope he can be given better opportunity to produce his best work yet and others can learn from him.

jof_views 5:19 pm  

What's so big/heavy about the site that it can't open fast in a cybercafe?

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