Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sosoliso sadness

We're all drunk with sadness at the story of all those children perishing near Port Harcourt. The aviation minister is away in Canada - at some kind of air safety conference. What bitter irony. With Bellview, then Kaduna and now Sosoliso all within just over a month, there must be a wall of pressure from the public mounted to ask why and roar for change.

It is time that the corruption in the air transport industry is blown away: runways must be maintained, aircraft must be checked thoroughly before every flight, electric storms must always be avoided, old planes must not be allowed to fly. From what I read, the last DC-9 was made in 1982, which means that the Sosoliso plane was at least 23 years old. In a country with no maintenance culture, old planes + cost cutting in vital areas is a recipe for tragedy. The world watches Nigeria and waits for the country to get its act together, instead of continually embarrasing itself with the multiple forms of its own inadequacy.

Loyola Jesuit in Abuja is one of the best schools in the country, with bright young minds nurtured in an atmosphere of Jesuit discipline and moral principles. We hear that a mother and a father yesterday lost all three of their children from this place: a future wiped from the face of the planet. What can be said to console them, after such a senseless death? Who will be brought to account as a gesture to nudge them in the direction of atonement (a ten thousand mile journey)?

The bitter pill to swallow is that since Bellview, nothing seems to have changed: no one lost their job or was held to account (Bellview didnt stop flying). No enquiry was made, no black box was found (apparently). Instead, those lives have sunk into the thick mud of history. African lives have no value; faces become contours in the mud and then are trodden over.


Anonymous,  1:35 am  

Jeremy, African lives have value. I don't know what you can do in Nigeria to make the government more accountable to the people. I have thought very hard and long on this problem. I'm American. I try to think what would happen here about sloppy maintenence of planes and runways. I guess the answer is that the negligent parties would be sued by an army of lawyers and made to pay their last dime. That's not really an ideal scenario in which the government responds to the peoples' outrage. It's that money is the root of all action, unfortunately. Maybe your courts can start causing some changes if the ballot box does not work.

Anonymous,  3:04 am  

you know the saddest thing? when i was at loyola i was so damn scared of flying i would take the luxury buses until my father deemed them unsafe. during takeoff i would scream and cry but secretly comforted that a flight with so many children couldn't possibly crash. well my bubble has been burst. i know after the pain, there will be anger, what can i do? will my brother and sister not fly back next year? but after the again, there must be resolve...resolve to do something, will we wait for chachangi to crash? im just so wracked with grief on so so many levels...ah these are people you lived with, laughed with...its not easy even for those of us who have graduated...its just not..Ljc is a family and we will pull through, we've done it before and by God, we'll do it again

Anonymous,  3:13 am  

oh yes and please do remember kechi in some it prayers or otherwise...she needs to make it

Monef 5:12 pm  

Yes, everyone please pray for kechi. My cousin is one of her best friends, and i think the last shred of sanity she has left depends on kechi making it. How do you possibly persuade these kids to go back to school? When they do, what are they going back too? They need a sign..not only from the Nigerian government, but quite frankly the outcry from the international community needs to be loud and clear. 52 leaders of tomorrow cannot possibly have died in vain.

Chxta 11:09 pm  


1. Abba K. Master Male

2. Adaka K. Master Child

3. Adebolu O. Master Male

4. Adewoga V. Miss Female

5. Adeyemi B. Master Male

6. Adilorly D. Master Male

7. Aikonbare O. Miss Female

8. Akpan O. Mrs. Female

9. Akwiwu A. Mr. Male

10. Aligba P. Mrs. Female

11. Amachree O. Master Male

12. Amanze E. Miss Female

13. Asara A.P. Mr. Male

14. Awayi C. Master Male

15. Awayi U. Master Male

16. Baa V. Master Male

17. Baba R.Z. Miss Female

18. Badeu I. Master Male

19. Banigo E.S. Mr. Male

20. Bunmi Amusan Mrs Female

21. Chigbo C. Master Male

22. Chukwunenye Mr. Male

23. Cookeygam K. Mr. Male

24. Daniel Kalu Master Male

25. Edeth S. Mrs. Female

26. Egweke U. Master Male

27. Ehimoha J. Mr. Male

28. Ejikeme O. Mr. Male

29. Ekefre U.O. Mr. Male

30. Ekere A.N. Mr. Male

31. Ekeruwa A. Master Male

32. Ellah I.A. Miss Female

33. Emesiobi C. Mr. Male

34. Ente C. Mr. Male

35. Eze Godwin Mr. Male

36. Ezeribe A. Mr. Male

37. Gbemudu S. Miss Female

38. Ibeh I. Mr. Male

39. Ibiam M. Master Male

40. Idabor A. Master Male

41. Ilabor B. Miss Female

42. Ilabor C. Miss Female

43. Ilabor M. Master Male

44. Ilobi I. Mrs Female

45. Ilobi N. Mrs. Female

46. Iroehama S. Miss Female

47. Kamanu C. Master Male

48. Kemara H. Mrs. Male

49. Lamy I. Mr. Male

50. Loolo I. Miss Female

51. Manilla A. Mrs. Female

52. Mba C. Mr. Male

53. Mba I. Mrs. Female

54. Mogba M. Mr. Male

55. Monago A. Master Male

56. Njoku L. Miss Female

57. Nkagnieme Miss Female

58. Nkagnieme U. Master Male

59. Nnebedum C. Master Male

60. Ntemuse E.K. Miss Female

61. Nwadei V. Miss Female

62. Nwafor O. Mr. Male

63. Nweze C. Miss Female

64. Nwigwe C. Master Male

65. Nwoko S. Miss Female

66. Nzelu C. Master Male

67. Nzenwa A. Mrs. Female

68. Obi A.N. Mr. Male

69. Ochulo M. Mrs. Female

70. Odukoya B. Mrs. Female

71. Ofoegbu B. Mrs. Female

72. Ofor M. Mr. Male

73. Ogundipe O. Mr. Male

74. Ojebode S. Mr. Male

75. Okafor C.O. Master Male

76. Okemini I. Miss Female

77. Okereke O. Miss Female

78. Okolie C. Mr. Male

79. Okoro U.M. Mr. Male

80. Okpe D. Master Male

81. Okuegbu I. Mr. Male

82. Okwuchi K. Miss Female

83. Ola E. Mr. Male

84. Olakpe C. Mr. Male

85. Onwuka U. Mr. Male

86. Orbit W. Master Male

87. Oyebode M.A. Miss Female

88. Ozigbo C.C. Mr. Male

89. Ozueh P.C. Mr. Male

90. Riessa J. Mr. Male

91. Toju O. Mrs. Female

92. Tony-Okeke I. Miss Female

93. Ubah I. Master Male

94. Udeozor R. Master Male

95. Ukairo C. Master Male

96. Utuk P.I. Mr. Male

97. Uzo U. Master Male

98. Uzodi B.C. Mrs. Female

99. Whyte V.I. Mr. Male

100. Whyte V.I. Mrs. Female

101. Wills W. Master Male

102. Zikoka U.O. Master Male


1. Captain B. Adebayo Pilot Male

2. F/O/ Gerald Andan F/Officer Male

3. Joyce Egbekobar Purser Female

4. Sophia Iroegbu Cabin Crew Female

5. Amaikwu Emeka Cabin Crew Male

6. Theresa Dike Cabin Crew Female

7. Akeem Odebun VII Engineer Male

Anonymous,  9:26 am  

the manifest is far from correct, with mispelt names and wrong sexes and what not

afrofunkycool 1:07 pm  

"Our people are too reverential to ask the necessary questions and take the required action". Discuss

Anonymous,  5:40 pm  

Hi. I am Kechi Okwuchi's auntie. I just happened to stumble upon this blog and am overcome by the sincerity of emotions displayed here. Please be assured, my friends that Kechi is recovering well, to the Glory of God. The doctors are satisfied with her responses so far and even though the recovery will be slow and long, we are prayerful and hopeful that the healing will be total. Please tell yr niece that it is well... and her prayers have been a source of strength for Kechi. God bless you all.

Anonymous,  4:24 pm  

hey im an ex student of loyola jesuit college i left ljc after js3. i was closest friends with chidinma nzelu, chuka ilabor, the great k fox, mangy.. everyone. etc. we all miss them. its hard to know that they arent here for us anymore to make us smile and laugh and to enjoy their company. we hope and pray that we can continue to live our lives with hope as our motive.
we continue to pray for kechi okwuchi whom i also know.

snowy 6:53 pm  

hi i happen to be a friend to kechi okwuchi while we were still in International early learning centre and it was great knowing here coz she was such a great and lovely was quite unfortunate dat we didnt see each other again after we very sad she fell a victim of this catastrophic event and i pray she recovers soonest.i also pray that God should pls help her and here parents most especially and that very soon she would come back to the country in good health.pls i suggest that here name be removed from the RIP list it makes me scared,pls everyone pray for kechi she needs ur prayers most send words of encouragement to her.she will definitely live through the abudant grace of God on her side.thanks from snowy and sandy her friends.

Anonymous,  6:43 pm  

I knew Kechi from the days of IELC. I haven't seen her in years and although im in Canada, the devastating news carried. I pray for GOd's healing touch on her life both physically and within. I hope she does recover so we can see her beautiful self. If anyone knows a way we can contact her please post it on this blog. Much love to you Kechi!

Anonymous,  3:56 am  

kechi was a nice person and still is. i can remember the fun we all had when we were still in IELC, i thank GOD she survived it and is still surviving it. I believe one day her beauty will be restored, seeing her now makes me cry, but what is beauty when we have life. Her life is more important now than anyother thing, all I pray is that she continues to live to be a testimony to us all. I love you Kechi and believe me, your survival was meant to touch everyone's life. Thank GOD for you.

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