Saturday, December 17, 2005

The soliso protest march - more

Click here to read a report of the tear gas episode yesterday.


the flying monkeys 11:17 am  

Molue in the sky got me wondering what the eyes of our legislative arm of the federal government could be on? Performance or profit should never again be placed before safety. We need laws similar to those operating in the UK, where charges could be brought against company executives to face corporate manslaughter charges due to gross negligence over any such disaster.

Four people died in a crash on October 17 2000 when a GNER express train derailed half a mile south of Hatfield station in Hertfordshire Hatfield rail disaster some years ago. Railtrack's former chief executive, Gerald Corbett, and two other executives faced charges in court. I do not know the outcome of that case.

Have we enacted such laws in Naija? Do we have a health and safety Act? This kind of negligence should be an offence under some sort of Health and Safety at Work Act.

I was absolutely devastated by the crash and I think the governors of Solisoso or is it sosoliso and bellview including all its executives should be made to face charges of manslaughter due to gross negligence and offences under some Act.

But where is the law on which such a case would have to be mounted?

Over to you Mr Senator!

Chxta 4:13 pm  

That the police gassed those ladies, hell, even thought of it tells you that a lot is wrong with us. These are not policemen, they are animals. And what the hell is Borisade still doing in that chair?

Anonymous,  8:31 pm  

The policemen are not animals they are just true representatives of a society that believes that women are the second lowest common denominator (children being the first)and as such should be taught a lesson deigning to stage a protest.

Anonymous,  3:56 pm  

the police officers (most probably men!) are not animals, they are in fact humans - all too human. Very few animals would attempt to attack one of their own. Animals are not the ones that construct elaborate machinery of destroy and eliminate themselves. Humans do. Animals did not invent teargas. Lets refrain from reducing every ghastly human acts to animals. We must remember that our inhumanity to each other is decidedly human and not animalistic. What the police did is a sign of their humaness not their animalness.

Harrison Ilabor,  4:27 pm  

The Country of Nigeria born in 1960 from the colonial past, still live in colonial present because of corruption in high places. The Government is corrupt and do not care for its people. The sense of one Nigeria is still hard to conceive by its populance. I lost three family members in the ill fated flight because it was a "time bomb" waiting to happen. What the government owes us, is an explanation of what they know about these airlines that fly our sky. The government and these companies that operate our skies should be held accountable for higher standard. Who in the government is in charge of overseeing or monitoring the operations of these airline?.

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