Thursday, December 01, 2005

Max Stafford-Clark's diary of his trip to Nigeria..

"Our flight for Lagos has been cancelled. The international runway at Lagos is out of action, so KLM have been landing on the domestic runway, but one of their planes was damaged by scrunching over loose tarmac. The Nigerians responded by limiting the weight of incoming aircraft. This means KLM have to refuel elsewhere or carry fewer passengers. They have suspended flights. Oh, the joys of touring..." More


afrofunkycool 12:45 pm  

Until we as a people admit our failings not because the outside world is watching but because it is for our own intrinsic good progress on a real scale will continue to elude us. The two most interesting facts that emerge are that In nigeria education is in shambles and has produced a society that is unwilling or unable to engage in critial discourse. Secondly in asking the bartender in the hotel why he did not sell his products in lagos and work within a collective Stafford -Clark is highlighting a fundermental point i.e why are our cities characterised by the absence of community spirit which is esential to civlised life>

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