Sunday, February 19, 2006

African communications

This image (culled from Agodi News) shows how isolated Africa is in terms of subterranean/submarine communications links. Nigerians as with other Sub-Saharans have to rely on extortionately expensive, outmoded and unreliable VSAT equipment for internet access. Everyone here is hoping that the forthcoming NITEL sale will make the SAT-3 cable available much more widely (and competitively). Let's see.


Ugo Okafor 8:45 pm  

The SAT-3/WASC undersea fibre optic cable is still yet to be fully commissioned by Nitel in Nigeria. This facility has the ability to open a lot of business in Nigeria as well remove the dependence on Microwave and VSAT communication systems.

I hope one day that the EASSy(East Africa Submarine cable), SAFE, Sea-Me-We-3, SAT-3 and Atlantis 2 will all be fully operational to provide cheap communications connectivity to the homes of the average African.

Ugo Okafor

Anonymous,  7:36 am  

Let's keep hoping that NITEL sale will go thru successfully and this will definitely be a positive turning poing for Nigerian comunication just like the GSM technology boomed ...

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