Monday, February 06, 2006

RSI and oneiric meanderings

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) keeps me awake, with my right arm a tube of pain. I will have to be concise from now on. So I am doing Yoga to ease the inflammations, and reading John Berger still. I dream of living in a retreat centre on one of those mysterious igneous outcrops that rim Abuja, rising with the Sun like some kemitic worshipper three or four millenia ago. And I dream also of Latin America, and being there as the continent finds its feet (its neighbour to the north ebbing power like a heavyweight boxer on the cusp of retirement).

We went to our neighbour's christening at the Catholic Church yesterday. The sermon was on the book of Job and how to relate to the profundity of suffering. The service mixed Latin single-note monastic chants with lilting African melodious songs. One of the collections was for a local orphanage. Whatever misgivings one has about the Catholic church and its long and problematic history (the Inquisition, support for Hitler, anti-Semitism, stance on contraception etc), here in Nigeria, its focus is on good works and promoting an ethically based spiritual life. The same cannot be said for many of the evangelical fungi.


nigeria, what's new 10:45 am  

The Vatican treats homosexuality as a "tendency", not an orientation, and says those who have overcome it can begin training to take holy orders.

It describes homosexual acts as "grave sins" that cannot be justified under any circumstances. "Tendencies" rather than orientation.

The chairman of a Roman Catholic evangelical group in Nigeria, Godwin Ukachi, "Here in Africa and Nigeria... we are not at home with such attitudes," he told the BBC's World Today programme.

'To kill a mocking bird'comes to mind, blog away, lets educate more idiots.

uknaija 3:39 pm  

Hope you feel better soon, Jeremy

TRAE 11:27 am  

you like Kanye West huh, Jesus walk stuff?

now i ain't saying you a church hater/but you is thinking they all God fakers/

that's what happens when we get too deep in that christianity-critism stuff. check your self you'll come to realise that there's almost no pastor/priest that you would consider really good/sincere. i was once like that but i think i've sort of changed.
yes there are a lot of bad things about men of God but surely there must be some sincere ones out there. go figure.

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