Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Telecoms: Nigeria lags behind..

Smaller African countries are leaping ahead of the Sleeping Giant when it comes to innovative telecoms developments. In Rwanda, Terracom has just implemented the first Passive Fibre Optical Network in Africa. Meanwhile, in Cameroon, Douala1.com has just launched a T-CDMA wireless broadband service, the first in Africa outside of South Africa. Meanwhile, the NCC in Nigeria still cannot solve the interconnect wahala between GSM operators and PTOs. Small is beautiful.


Akin 1:40 pm  

Hello Jeremy,

Straight-away I went to the bottleneck you identified to see if their house was in order.

Nigerian Communications Commission

The website is a sight for sore eyes , the navigation is hardly intuitive more like a monkeys at jabbing at a typewriter with the improbable coincidence of producing the Works of Shakespeare.

There is both an International and national framework to this telecommunications issue and both are handle with deft cack-handedness.

The International aspect you address, and the national one indicates that just as mobile telephony has taken off compared to fixed-line telecomms for the masses, so would WiMAX offer better structure for development.

I see lofty committee goals but no drive for practical results.

This feeds into another commentary where Nigeria's Best University is 6340th globally.

The methodology used for this ranking is web presence - now in a country where basic infrastructure like roads, water, electricity and telecommunications are barely functional, putting us in a global village leaves us at great disadvantage.

Like you said in one of your other blogs, the more the technocrats commend positions of responsibility on merit, there is hope for radical change.

The NCC website is in need of a serious professional touch, not self-respecting business here would get away with such shoddiness.

We have people with requisite design and business design skills to do a good job of that site.

Thanks for another interesting insight.



Chxta 3:30 pm  


Kemi,  5:18 pm  

Akin Wrote:
The website is a sight for sore eyes

Akin, I hate to be a pedant, but the expression " a sight for sore eyes" means something that is good to look at.

The reason being that your eyes are sore, and your looking at the "sight" makes them feel good.

I think what you're trying to say here is that the website made your eyes sore..
Which i can understand after viewing the offending webpage.

If you don't believe me, go here and read the 3rd definition.

Akin 5:59 pm  

Hello Kemi,

Well, nothing wrong with being pedantic and possibly facetious. :)

Thanks! What I meant was the site is an eye sore - your reference was quite instructive, however, there was no need to stress it so strongly, I would have agreed with you because you are right :-)

I hope that error did not take away from the context and substance of my commentary.

Ntwiga 11:00 pm  

Not sure if this is true: Kenya Data Networks had a project in implementation starting Sep 2004 that should have been complete quite a while back.

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